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My Happy Helpers

Adjustable Bi-Fold Tower - White Scratch Dent

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  • Easy Fold Design
  • Three Adjustable Step Heights
  • Wide Range of Colour Options
  • Weight limit tested to 50kgs
  • Premium European A Grade Birch Plywood


Introducing BI-FOLD: The Design Patented and Safer Folding Learning Tower for Toddlers

Minor Cosmetic Imperfections

Are you a parent who loves spending quality time with your toddlers in the kitchen, baking and playing together? We understand the joy of these precious moments, and that's why we've created the BI-FOLD, a revolutionary Folding Learning Tower that ensures safety, style, and affordability in one compact package!

Safety First: With the utmost priority given to your child's safety, the BI-FOLD Learning Tower is designed with innovative safety features. Our product meets stringent safety standards and has received a design patent for its unique and secure structure. Rest assured that your toddler will have a safe and enjoyable experience, giving you peace of mind during your kitchen adventures.

Stylish & Affordable: Say goodbye to bulky and unattractive learning towers. The BI-FOLD is not only practical but also boasts a modern and stylish design that complements any kitchen decor. We believe that functionality should not come at the expense of style, so we've combined both elements seamlessly in our product. 

Convenient Storage: Living spaces can get cluttered, especially with children's items. We've designed the BI-FOLD Learning Tower to address this issue with its space-saving feature. After your baking or play session, simply fold the learning tower away effortlessly for neat and convenient storage. No need to disassemble or find extra storage space – the BI-FOLD is here to make your life easier.

Ready-to-Use: We know how time-consuming assembling products can be, especially when you have a curious toddler eager to start using their new tower. With BI-FOLD, we've eliminated the need for assembly entirely. Your folding learning tower arrives fully assembled and ready for immediate use straight out of the box! Unfold, attach the feet and it's ready to become a part of your kitchen adventures.

The Perfect Kitchen Companion: The BI-FOLD Learning Tower is not just a piece of furniture; it's a companion for you and your child's precious moments in the kitchen. Watch as your little one's eyes light up with joy, safely exploring new skills and bonding with you in the heart of your home.

Experience the magic of BI-FOLD - the Design Patented, Safer, Stylish, and Affordable Folding Learning Tower for parents of toddlers. Create beautiful memories together, hassle-free, and with peace of mind. Invest in your child's growth and development with BI-FOLD today!


  • Patented Bi-Fold Design suitable for even the narrowest of kitchens
  • Arrives fully assembled ready for use, just add the feet
  • Constructed with Solid Wood and 18mm Premium Birchwood Ply
  • Sealed with Non Toxic Varnish & Paints
  • Three Adjustable Heights
  • Two Side Safety Locks 
  • Soft Closing Hinges to protect little fingers
  • Protective Edging on the Step

All My Happy Helpers Learning Towers comply with  Australian and New Zealand Safety Standards see here for further information


Size:  51cm x 55cm x 90cm

Weight Limit: 50kg

Folded Size: 11.5cm (without feet) 22.5cm (with feet) x 44cm 

Recommended Age: 12+ Months

Safety Precautions and Additional Notes: We want to ensure that you have all the necessary information to make an informed decision. Prior to purchase, we urge you to read the Safety and Warranty Information provided. It contains essential safety precautions and additional notes to ensure the optimal use of our tower.

Your Child's Posture and SafetyWhile using the Tower, it is crucial to keep a close eye on your child's posture. If their hips rise above the top of the tower, it's time to adjust the step height to prevent any accidents. We prioritize your child's safety and want you to have complete peace of mind as they explore the world around them.

Important Information: Please Read Before Purchase:

Water Exposure Precautions: To ensure the longevity of your tower, avoid exposing it to water or leaving it in standing water. If water is accidentally spilled onto the tower, promptly wipe it dry. Please note that damage caused by water or water exposure is not covered under warranty.

Natural Characteristics of Birch Plywood: Birch Plywood may exhibit a slight "pinhole" effect on the edges of the board. This is a natural characteristic of using natural timbers and should not be considered a defect. We encourage you to appreciate the uniqueness of each Tower, embracing its natural beauty.

Aesthetic Variation in Internal Grooves: The internal grooves in the plywood, may have a different finish compared to the rest of the tower. This is not a manufacturing fault but rather an aesthetic variation. We appreciate these distinct features that highlight the natural charm of timber.

Please note: Over time and use, the plastics side strips may come away from the timber, they can simply be pushed back down or if required please add a dab of craft glue to secure the plastic back into place. The plastic is designed to stop the timber rubbing against the timber, it can be removed entirely if you prefer. 

Recommended Cleaning Methods: For regular cleaning, please use a damp cloth without any chemicals. Avoid using soapy water, cleaning agents or baby wipes as they contain chemicals and alcohol that may adversely affect the timber and paintwork.

We want to ensure that you have the best experience with your Learning Tower. By following these guidelines, you can maintain its quality and preserve its unique characteristics for years to come.



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Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
Taylor Hunt
Best Purchase Ever

My son loves it. Tonight he helped wash dishes and every night since receiving it he excitedly brushes his teeth of an evening. Best purchase I've made, only regret it not buying one sooner! So easy to set up, fold down and store away

Claudia Tsarouhas

Great quality love that it arrives assemble highly recommend

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