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Language Learning Toys

Literacy is one of the most vital skills any person can have, regardless of age, which is why My Happy Helpers offers a range of language learning toys.

Providing your child with various intellectually stimulating toys will help to put them in the best position for beginning their formal education journey. Our range of language toys for toddlers and beyond, which consists of items like alphabet puzzles and word-related games, helps take the guesswork out of determining which toys will best support your child’s developing literacy skills.

So, invest in your little one’s future and check out our range online today.

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We aim to encourage all parents to embrace their children's stories, experiences and opinions and support their children in taking an active role in decision making and problem solving.

Language can expressed in many ways, from written language (hand writing), to symbolic expressions, discovery and expressions of feelings and everyday reading and communication.

Dr Maria Montessori states that "Language is the central point of difference between the human species and all others. Language lies at the root of that transformation of the environment that we call civilisation"

Here at My Happy Helpers, we have curated a beautiful range of language development toys and tools so that you can take the guess work out of choosing which products will help support and develop your little ones literacy and language skills the most. 

Why buy language learning toys for kids?

Our language learning toys offer the chance to prepare your child for school before they even get there. It’s never too early to begin laying the groundwork for developing these crucial skills, as reading is something most of us are required to do in some way daily.

Our wide variety of toys encourages children to tell stories, learn the basics of handwriting, improve their memory and articulate their thoughts and feelings.


Are language learning toys expensive/how much do language learning toys cost?

While we believe that language learning toys are well worth the investment, no matter the price, our range is particularly affordable. On the lower end of the scale, you’ll find informative posters and colouring poster pads ($9.95) that will inspire your child’s imagination.

Meanwhile, this detailed alphabet jigsaw set is a steal at ($84.95), and this table easel ($89.95) is like four products for the price of one.


What are the different types of language learning toys?

Our language learning toys are as varied as they are effective. If you’re hoping to kick-start your child’s creativity and ignite their imagination, take a look at our range of storytelling toys.

Meanwhile, If memory and cognition are what you’re hoping to target, our range of flashcards is the solution for you. On top of that, we also stock a range of Montessori-inspired toys that make the most of advanced Montessori theory on learning and literacy.