Wooden Tree House Toy

Give your child a perfect “treetop adventure” with our wooden treehouse toys

Is your little one dreaming of living among the trees with the birds, or flying around the forest with the fairies? Then our wooden treehouse toys are a must-have! From tiny wooden houses to swing sets and more, your child can create an imaginary world of magic and wonder on the living room floor.

Our wooden treehouse toys are made from 100% sustainable materials, so you can feel good about encouraging your child’s imagination. Smooth, splinter-free and absolutely adorable, your little one can spend hours upon hours exercising their creative skills and conjuring up some wonderful characters for their toy treehouse.

Shop wooden treehouse toys online with My Happy Helpers! We offer free shipping on orders over $199, as well as flexible payment methods like Afterpay.

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Perfect wooden treehouse toys for shared play

Our kids treehouse toys and wooden doll treehouse offer wonderful opportunities for little ones to engage their friends during playdates with fun interactive play as they make their little wooden treehouse toys come alive with storytelling and role-playing.


From simple designs to more intricate, our treehouse toys have it all!

When it comes to our wooden treehouse toys, we offer various designs to suit your child’s playtime preferences.

Our jumbo castle and wooden cottages offer a lot of versatility, while our wooden doll treehouses with sets of three little houses can be perfect for creating unique “fairy homes” during imaginative playtime.

Our kids treehouse toys also offer more intricate and complex designs for little ones that are ready to create beautiful stories as they play with and arrange their little toys.

Wonderful eco-friendly play alternatives that can be enjoyed for years to come

With their gorgeous designs, our wooden treehouse toys make for beautiful décor items too – simply place them on beautiful shelves or tabletops when not in use and let your little one enjoy seeing their beautiful designs and imagining their next playtime.

Browse our eye-catching range today for designs that boys and girls will love – and get ready to hear all about their little treetop adventures when they start playing with their wooden treehouse toys!

Spark a magical adventure with our fairy treehouses

Part of the magic of being a child is believing in fairies. From glittering wings and drinking nectar from flower petals to befriending garden bugs and princes in flight, your little one is no doubt fascinated with fairies!

To complement their bewilderment with fairies, consider adding some fairy treehouses to the garden or even the living room. Your child can check for fairies each and every morning, or let their dolls come and go from the wooden houses in their absence.

Do fairies visit overnight? Who knows! You can leave little treats for your child to find in their treehouse in the morning — think tiny cakes, lollies or even special rocks found on the beach or in the garden. Just sprinkle them with glitter for a touch of extra magic.

Alternatively, get creative together and make something special to leave for the fairies overnight. Then, leave an adorable letter in the treehouse overnight for your child to find in the morning, thanking them for the thoughtful gift. You can become your little one’s pen pal and encourage them to work on their literacy so they can write to the fairies every day.

A touch of magic each morning never goes astray! Shop our natural wooden fairy treehouse toys online and let your child’s imagination run wild.

Imaginary play is essential for your child’s development

Looking to boost your child’s creativity and social skills? Imaginary play is an absolute essential for your child’s development!

Open-ended toys will get their creativity and imagination moving, especially among friends. By engaging in imaginary play with other kids, your little one can practice and develop their social skills. Just add some fairies or gnomes to their treehouse and watch them come alive through conversation, storytelling and problem-solving.

Imaginative play with friends can also create situations where not everyone gets what they want. For example, when more than one child wants to be king or queen of the fairies, the child who doesn’t get the role will have to learn how to manage unpleasant emotions for play to continue.

This is a great way to teach your child self-regulation, problem-solving and sharing skills.

Imaginative play can even help with hand-eye coordination and gross motor skills. For example, if your little one is navigating the treehouse, opening and closing doors, galloping around the treehouse on a wooden horse or even changing their doll’s clothing, they will have the chance to use their hands and figure out what works and what doesn’t.

These are all essential skills your child will need when they enter preschool or even big school. Browse through our wooden doll treehouses online today and kickstart your child’s imagination and development.

What kind of treehouse toys are available?

The imaginative opportunities are endless with My Happy Helpers! We stock a huge range of kids treehouse toys to help spark your child’s imagination and create a world of magic in your very own living room.


Our range includes:


  • Bamboo Fairy Houses featuring three adorable structures, all made from 100% sustainable materials. Your little one can imagine fairies flying in and out of their homes, interacting with their neighbours and making friends with bugs in the garden.

  • Horse Stables with six tiny horses to eat hay, gallop around the loungeroom and whinny. Just add some dolls to the equation to groom the horses, ride them and take care of them!

  • A Steiner-Inspired Log House complete with steps, a chimney and teensy dolls to play with. Wearing wizard hats and robes, your child can practice magic and cast spells as a sorcerer, then return home to the little log cabin for some rest.

  • A Two-Storey Cottage with a ladder, a balcony and even a slippery dip for dolls to zoom down

From pirate castles to fairy houses and more, you can find something truly inspiring to enhance your child’s imagination.

Where can I buy kids treehouse toys

Excited to see your children flex their creative muscles? Shop our wooden treehouse toys online today! We offer free shipping on all orders over $199, as well as flexible payment methods like Afterpay.

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