Dinosaur Toys

Discover the prehistoric world with our brightly coloured Wooden Dinosaur Toys for kids!

Blend imagination with education with the wooden dinosaur toy collection from My Happy Helpers.  Take your child directly to earth’s Triassic, Jurassic and Cretaceous periods, where all sorts of weird and wonderful creatures roamed the earth.

Dinosaur toys constitute some of the most universal toys in kids’ playsets, and if you’re looking for dinosaur toys in Australia, you’re in the right place. Shop through our extensive collection of dinosaur toys for kids, toddlers and babies, be they wooden dinosaurs, dinosaur playsets or those designed by the renowned brand Holztiger.

Buy dinosaur toys at a range of price points, from our small, essential and affordable options right through to our larger, more complex and expensive offerings.

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Our range of Wooden Toy Dinosaurs for Australian kids will have your little ones Roaring with laughter ! 

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Why buy dinosaur toys for kids?

There’s a reason we all love diving our imaginations into prehistoric worlds: dinosaurs!

As a wellspring of material for make-believe worlds, dinosaurs are a great way to launch your child’s imagination into work.

They might stage a battle between the two biggest and scariest dinosaurs in the jungle, or they might pose a scenario where two dinosaurs fall in love despite all the odds being pitted against them.

Like all of our toys at My Happy Helpers, our dinosaur toys will foster your child’s intellectual, emotional and social development, making them worthwhile at any age!


How much do toy dinosaurs cost?

Some of our toy dinosaurs are cheap, and some are more expensive.

At the affordable end of our range, you can buy a baby mammoth, stegosaurus, triceratops and Tyrannosaurus Rex for just $22.95 each. Alternatively, take home a Dinosaur Snap and Memory Game for $29.95, where you can teach your child the names of different dinosaurs, their attributes and the time in history they lived in.

At the more expensive end, we offer a 27-piece Dinosaur Playset from Papoose, which features everything from volcanoes, to palm trees, to dinosaurs and dinosaur eggs!


What are the different types of dinosaur toys for kids?

At My Happy Helpers, you can buy all sorts of fantastic toy dinosaurs for kids, be they singular wooden dinosaur toys or playsets featuring several different dinosaurs.

Check out our range of Holztiger dinosaurs and toys, which are known for their gentle shapes and pastel coloured coatings. Your children will be able to play for hours with our wooden animals collection, not to mention our animal toy sets.

Take a look through our online shopping catalogue to see what you find! 


What are the benefits of dinosaur toys for kids?

There’s a reason we all love diving our imaginations into prehistoric worlds: dinosaurs! From the mighty Tyrannosaurus Rex rumbling through the jungle to the gentle Apatosaurus (Brontosaurus) scavenging for tasty leaves from the treetops, our prehistoric friends can kick your child’s imagination into overdrive. 


Your little one can stage battles between the two biggest and scariest dinosaurs in the jungle, or even help a team of courageous baby dinosaurs find their way home (a-la The Land Before Time). No matter the scenario, your child will have hours of fun going on adventures with these real-life beasts! 


While your little one is exploring the prehistoric world with their wooden dinosaur toys, they’ll also be learning in other fun ways. 


  • Your child will be effortlessly working on their fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. Holding onto their dinosaur toys and maneuvering them around the prehistoric world (i.e. the playroom floor) requires some skill — and by continuously playing with dinosaur toys, your little one will gradually become more dexterous and confident in their movements.

  • Your child will gradually develop their communication skills. Dinosaurs are bound to spark your little one’s curiosity and in order to understand them, your child will need to ask questions. As their curiosity grows, you can teach them new words — even more complicated words like the names of the dinosaurs and the time periods they came from!

  • Your child will safely tame scary, extinct monsters. Dinosaurs were giants with big claws, sharp teeth and huge, powerful limbs. With wooden dinosaur toys, your child can confront these scary concepts while knowing full well that dinosaurs no longer walk the earth. This might help with confronting other scary or uncomfortable situations later in life.

  • Your child will exercise their primal instincts. Some researchers believe that dinosaur toys trigger a biological bias in children that stems from our past as hunters and gatherers. Seeing a big, scary animal triggers our “fight or flight” instinct — how will your child respond to their dinosaur pals? Are they friends, foes or food?

  • Your child will learn about history, the earth and the natural world. Dinosaurs are undoubtedly fascinating creatures, especially considering their size, their abilities and their unbelievable power! Through wooden dinosaur toys, your child will develop an interest in paleontology and come to learn how species come to be, adapt, survive or go extinct. Dinosaurs will also help your child understand timelines and appreciate the things that existed long before they did. 


What kind of wooden dinosaur toys are available?

If your little one is obsessed with a specific dinosaur, you’re sure to find it online at My Happy Helpers! Here, you can buy all sorts of wooden dinosaur toys — from singular dinosaurs to playsets featuring several different dinosaurs and scenery for their prehistoric adventures. 


We stock adorable baby dinosaur toys including Baby Mammoths, Stegosauruses, Triceratopses, Brachiosauruses, Brontosauruses, Velociraptors, Spinosauruses and of course, the mighty Tyrannosaurus Rex! Each of these dinosaurs is cute and friendly, a far cry from their ancient predecessors… but they sure do make wonderful friends for playtime!


Aside from the dinosaurs we stock for imaginative play, we also have challenging puzzles and games to help your little one learn about their favourite dinosaurs. For younger children, we recommend our Dinosaur Hatching Puzzle — ideal for engaging fine motor muscles and practising dexterity, your child can disassemble the eggs to find out what dinosaur is hiding underneath. 


For older children, we recommend the Adventure Dino Skeleton (5+ years). Here, your child can unearth dinosaur bones and identify what they are with the booklet provided. It even comes with a digging tool, dusting brush and magnifying glass to make the activity more realistic! Then, whip out our Dinosaur Snap & Memory Game for Toddlers to learn different dinosaur names and how to spell them.


If your child is extra-creative, why not get them a Magic GO Drawing Board - Doodle Dino? They can create their own unique drawings or use the dinosaur stencils to draw a prehistoric wonderland on “paper” (a magnetic drawing board/etch-a-sketch). Whenever your little one is ready for a new drawing adventure, they can simply wipe away the original and start afresh.


Make sure to check out our range of Holztiger dinosaur toys, too, which are known for their gentle shapes and pastel-coloured coatings. Your child will be able to play for hours on end with Holztiger wooden animals and dinosaur sets.


Browse through our collection of dinosaur toys, puzzles and activities online today! We have hundreds of options available to spark your child’s imagination and help them learn more about the dinosaurs that once ruled the earth. Plus, we offer flexible payment options like Afterpay to make online shopping easy!