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Stimulate the imagination of your little ones when they play with their own wooden toy food set. Because wood is a natural material and feels great to the touch, it helps your child concentrate more effectively.

Plus, adding a set of wooden kitchen toys provides the perfect way for kids to see how different utensils and simple appliances interact with food. Our colourful range of wooden food toys is environmentally friendly, durable, and safe. Wooden play food and utensils also help develop motor skills and hand-eye coordination; perhaps - you never know - you might end up with a little budding chef on your hands!

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Why buy toy foods?

Toy foods are a great choice because your kids see you cooking and want to get involved. 

You have to provide them with a playful outlet that allows them to learn about food. Wooden food toys help them see the different shapes, patterns and colours of food, such as fish, cheese, vegetables, bread and fruit.

Then they can have fun sorting and arranging the food according to colour, size, or type. Soon enough, with a bit of encouragement from you, they’ll start imagining their own combinations and recipes, such as cheese on bread or chicken drumsticks with broccoli. There’s actually no limit to what they might dream up!

Where to buy best range of Wooden Food Sets in Australia ?

My Happy Helpers have a massive range of Wooden Pretend Food, Velcro Food and Kitchen Toy Sets available.

If you would like to purchase or are interested in the different types of wooden food and kitchen toy sets that we have on offer, browse our selection or email our team for more information.


Our children's wooden toys are educational, great fun, safe and excellent quality.

Encourage a love of cooking with our Wooden Toy Food Sets

Wooden toys and in particular wooden pretend food and kitchen sets can foster interaction between other children and siblings. Pretend play food sets promotes sharing and teamwork.

Velcro cutting food provide a great resource for your little ones at meal preparation time, instilling a sense of teamwork whilst fostering the ideas of preparation, responsibility and clean up.

The perfect addition to these role play sets is a Toddler Safety Knife, specifically designed for use by children from age 2 years.

What are the different types of toy foods and toy kitchens?

When you combine toy food with a wooden toy kitchen, your child can experiment and create play meals in a way that develops real-life skills. A great way to start is with matching sets.

For example, you can combine your little one’s wooden cutting bread box with a wooden toy toaster that has a pop-up action. Or use a mahogany pot and pan set with wooden eggs. Another fun combination for your kid’s toy cooking playtime is to weigh various hand-painted toppings on the wooden food scales before placing them on top of a wooden pizza. Then cook the lot using their toy home kitchen oven.


What are the benefits of toy foods and toy kitchens?

Pretend cooking using toy food and wooden kitchens is great for children’s development in the following ways:


  • The most obvious benefit for you is that it keeps your child occupied with imaginative and creative play while you get on with preparing and cooking the actual family meal.

  • When your little one is pretending to cook in a toy kitchen, they develop fine motor skills while performing actions such as weighing, placing, reaching, blending and sifting.

  • You can promote healthier food choices to your child by providing their play kitchen with pretend food such as vegetables, fruit, meat and eggs.

  • You can introduce concepts like cleaning to your kids by showing them how to clean and tidy up their toy food and utensils whenever they finish their play.

Things to consider when buying toy foods and toy kitchens

To keep your little soon-to-be-chef happy, it helps to get the following details right:

  • Make sure that your toy kitchen is the right height for your toddler. A good rule of thumb is to have your child’s hips or belly button roughly match the height of the countertops.

  • A wooden kitchen and wooden play food will tend to last longer than other materials. On top of that, they just look better!

  • You can buy the accessories in stages. The most important thing is to get your little one started right away on imaginative and creative play with food. If you spend your initial budget on the oven and some basic food items, that’s fine. You can greatly expand the number of play utensils and food types as you go along.