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Wooden Food Sets

Kids Wooden Play Food & Kitchen Toys

At My Happy Helpers, we are thrilled to offer a wide range of wooden food and kitchen toy sets for kids. Our colourful assortment of pretend play wooden and velcro toys, food and utensils will encourage your child to learn while they play.


Shop our Wooden Toy Food Best Sellers

Crate of Wooden Food with Wooden Knife


Kiddies Food Kutter Knife


Triangle Patterned Toddler Apron for Baking

From $19.95

Toddler Car Plates

$8.95 $16.95
Sold Out

Toddler Car Meal Set


Toddler Flamingo Apron for Craft and Cooking

From $19.95

Large Coconut Bowl


Cutting Fruit Crate With Knife

Sold Out

Wooden Fruit Set in Gorgeous Tin Carry Case


Flower Tea Party Set by Indigo Jamm

Sold Out

Baking Set for Toddler


Wooden Pestle and Mortar


Cutting Fruit Box


Wooden Eggs in Carton


Brown Checkers Toddler Aprons for Baking and Cooking

From $19.95

Your little one will be a master chef extraordinaire with our kids kitchen toys!

Where to buy best range of Wooden Food Sets in Australia ?

My Happy Helpers have a massive range of Wooden Pretend Food, Velcro Food and Kitchen Toy Sets available.

If you would like to purchase or are interested in the different types of wooden food and kitchen toy sets that we have on offer, browse our selection or email our team for more information.


Our children's wooden toys are educational, great fun, safe and excellent quality.

Encourage a love of cooking with our Wooden Toy Food Sets

Wooden toys and in particular wooden pretend food and kitchen sets can foster interaction between other children and siblings. Pretend play food sets promotes sharing and teamwork.

Velcro cutting food provide a great resource for your little ones at meal preparation time, instilling a sense of teamwork whilst fostering the ideas of preparation, responsibility and clean up.

The perfect addition to these role play sets is a Toddler Safety Knife, specifically designed for use by children from age 2 years.

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