Small World Play

Why is Small World Play so Important?

This type of play allows a safe environment for your child to practice cause and effect without any real consequences. It creates a safe environment for them to play their favorite role play games and safe fantasy worlds. 

When your little ones incorporate small world play with their friends, it encourages them to learn how to share, play nicely together, and imagine together.

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Need some Small World Play ideas?

Our favorite small world play ideas are listed above, and include the all important :

Animals, People, Vehicle's, Dinosaurs and Fairies.

Along with these you need to select a suitable range of Small World Landscape options, that may include natural items such as :

Trees or Twigs, Sand, Landscape Mats, Rocks, Wooden Blocks for Building and Creating Solid Structures such as Houses, Tunnels, Caves, Farms.

Try to incorporate some real life natural resources alongside your play mats for the ultimate sensory experience. 

Encourage Open Ended Play with our Small World Toys.

At My Happy Helpers, we have curated the very best range of toys, best suited for Small World Play. 

By engaging in Small World Play, Children use their personal experiences and views of the world to extend on their imaginative skills. Allowing your little ones to build these imaginative worlds, and small environments allows them experiment with fantasy play and experiment by incorporating their own ideas.

Through positive encouragement, you can watch as your child begins to develop storytelling skills and develops the courage to act out scenarios that are cultivated from their vivid imaginations.  Along with these 'play skill's' you'll notice your Childs language skills may well improve as they seek to find words to express their imaginative ideas. 

This type of play is wonderful for language building. Children are imagining, and while doing so are talking out loud and using vocabulary. Playing alongside an Adult offers even more opportunity for learning as the Adult can explain new concepts and encourage new ideas.