Animal Figurines

Kids Animal Figurines

We challenge you to find a child who has never had toy animals to play with growing up. Farm animals, jungle beasts, or wild animals from Africa. Imitating the road of a lion or neighing like a horse is fun for kids to do.

It’s also teaching them about what animals look like and what noises they make. Playing with animal figurines begins to give children object identification skills and teaches them about the animals in the wild. Then you take them to the zoo!

Many of our animals are wooden figurines, which is good for the environment. They feel good in the hand, giving your children a unique tactile experience. And playing with the toy animal figurines encourages more creative thinking and adaptable play.

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Why buy animal figurines for kids?

The amount of play and learning, and creativity kids can get from playing with animals is incredible. Imbue them with personalities, have them living lives and having adventures. They can be a part of a farm or a jungle community. The ideas are endless.

You can have a farm on the side of your fridge with this milk carton of magnetic farm animals. Take part in wild safaris on the African savannah with these wooden African animals. You can even have adventures under the seas with these stackable sea life toys.

And that is just the beginning. Let your children take their animals and imagination to the stars!

Are animal figurines expensive?

Animal figurines can be great value. Buy a wooden goose for less than $5 and run around honking and chasing your friends! And you can collect a whole menagerie of farm animals or sea animals. Create larger and more imaginative stories from our low-priced wooden toys.

That is the biggest joy of these figurines. The number of stories your kids can create, the many ways they can play with these toys give years of life to them. And thanks to the high-quality, eco-friendly wood figurines we have, they can be handed down to the next generation of bright young sparks.

What are the different types of animal figurines?

My Happy Helpers has so many figurines to choose from. Collect animals from the African savannah or stackable fishes from the deep blue sea. You can have mommas and their babies, a great educational opportunity to learn what each kind of baby is called: lion cubs, puppy dogs, ducklings, and more.

Learn about Australian animals with these gorgeous wooden figurines too.

You can grab small animals to fit tiny hands, or bigger wooden figurines which suit toddlers and growing children with better fine motor skills. Browse the range online, and fill your home with smiles and animal sounds today.