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Wooden Toys

Wooden Toys

Safe, durable and environmentally-friendly, wooden toys have been a staple in kids playrooms around Australia for decades. Boys and girls love playing with wooden toys, and families have seen several well-loved favourites passed down over generations.

From adorable wooden ride-on toys and baby rockers to wooden dollhouses and toy toolboxes, at My Happy Helpers, we take pride in providing families with sturdy, practical and purposeful wooden toys that will become much-loved additions to the toy chest. 



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Educational Play

Wooden Educational & Language Development Cards


Educational Play

Pound A Ball Tower


Balance & Move



Building Toys

Large Stepped Block Set



Educational Play

Montessori Discs Post Box


Rainbow Wooden Block Set

Building Toys

Rainbow Wooden Block Set


Balance & Move

Wooden Bilancio Balance Beam


Educational Play

3D Sorting and Nesting Board


Educational Play

Track a Ball Rack


Educational Play

Montessori Egg, Ball and Cup set


Educational Play

Montessori Leaf Puzzle


Kitchen Play

Flower Tea Party Set by Indigo Jamm


Casa Wooden Doll House Bed

Imaginative Play

Casa Wooden Doll House Bed



Kitchen Play

Crate of Wooden Food with Wooden Knife


Babies and Toddlers

Natural Balancing People


Balance & Move

White Wooden Slide


Wooden See-Saw

Balance & Move

Wooden See-Saw



Educational Play

Pound a Peg


Babies and Toddlers

Moon and Star Balancing Game


Building Toys

Pastel Rainbow


Creative Play & Crafts

Wooden Sensory Blocks


Small Wooden Rocker Balance Board

Balance & Move

Small Wooden Rocker Balance Board


Kitchen Play

Cutting Fruit Crate With Knife


Babies and Toddlers

10 Balancing Acrobats


Wooden Toys - Your Complete Guide

There is something truly magical about the sight of a well-crafted wooden toy, and for this reason these types of toys have never gone out of fashion and remain popular with boys and girls all over the world.   With a long history of affection for wooden toys, Australian parents are only too happy to invest in a new generation of wooden blocks, baby walkers, and more!


Why buy Wooden Toys for kids?

Wooden toys have a timeless, classic feel about them. In a world with disposable plastic toys which break before a year is out, wooden toys are crafted to survive. They are heirloom pieces to be handed from generation to generation.


There is also a style to wooden toys which can’t be matched by plastic. They look good in a room, they feel like they belong in a toy chest and played with on rainy days.

The feel of wooden toys, in your hand, is a feeling that brings back memories or gives new ones to your children. Playing with the wooden farm animals, or chugging a wooden train around the tracks, is a timeless feeling My Happy Helpers can give to your family.

>A report released by Planet Ark’s Make It Wood, entitled “Wellness + Wood = Productivity”, found that exposure to wooden items resulted in “increased rates of learning, improved test results, concentration levels and attendance, reduced impacts of ADHD”.

Where to buy wooden toys?

We invite you to our store, 12-16 Micro Circuit, Dandenong South to browse the range, feel them in your hands and have a play. We’re open 10 am to 2 pm Monday to Friday.


Or you can certainly order from our website. View the toys below, click around into our gross motor function toys and other pages, fill your virtual shopping cart with some quality wooden toys and have a sensational Christmas.

Buy local and help local artists out, and because it is local you won’t have massive delays with overseas shipping.

Are wooden toys expensive?

We believe that the wooden toys we sell are great value for money. You can find a bag of plastic farm animals in a $2 store, but they won’t have the same value, nor the same feel to them as our wooden farm animals set.


We believe that children will cherish our toys far more than they would the cheaper alternatives. They will become heirlooms, cherished art items displayed on shelves, played with more and loved more.

Wooden toys are also environmentally friendly. Wood is a renewable resource, trees can be planted and grown again.

What are the different kinds of wooden toys?

We have fun toys and educational toys and developmental toys to choose from.

Wooden animals, such as an Australian animal set, farmyard animals you can stack on top of each other, even a Tyrannosaurus Rex!

Have a look at our wooden train sets! A fairy Town train set, Farm Train set, even a train whistle!

You can browse our range of colourful wooden puzzles, or stacking toys too.

The range of wooden toys, colourful, hardy and long-lasting, is incredible.

Wooden Sensory Toys

Growing up, learning about the world using your senses, is essential for the development of our youngsters. Not only does playing with toys help develop fine motor skills and creativity, but the tactile nature of toys can also teach as well.


The feel of plastic or metal is different to the feeling of wood. Wood is soft and warm, and has a grainy feel to it. Little kids want to touch and play and, of course, stick in their mouths.

My Happy Helpers has wooden sensory toys for all ages to pick up and feel, weigh them in your hand, and listen to the sound of the coloured fillings. We also have creative play wooden scoops for sensory play.

Take playtime to another level with wooden sensory toys, thanks to My Happy Helpers.

Wooden Blocks

The cornerstone toy of many a fun day, wooden blocks can be anything your little mind can conjure: a tall tower, a castle battlement, perhaps a rocketship to the stars. Kids can feel the different weights of the block, play with different colours of blocks, build things and then smash them down and build again.


My Happy Helpers has plain wooden blocks, colourful blocks, wooden dinosaur blocks, and even wooden blocks with magnets. Learn building skills, creative skills and more from a young age. Learning through play is the best way to learn.

Wooden Toys for babies

Wooden toys for babies are far more healthy than plastic toys. Toys will inevitably end up in a baby’s mouth., Wooden toys have natural antibacterial qualities. They have a porous surface, so moisture and germs are absorbed into the wood and eventually die. In plastic, however, the germs stay on the surface and multiply.

Buy some colourful wooden toys for your baby to learn about shapes and colours, and textures. Train their fine motor skills to grip odd shapes and hold spheres and cubes.

And feel safe knowing their toys will not breed germs after the baby has a chew on them.

Wooden Toys for Toddlers

Toddlers are learning how to use their bodies, and how to think through problems. GIving them wooden blocks to build with, or wooden peg games to figure out what shape goes where or what colour fits where, is excellent for building their minds and muscles.

Wooden toys are harder to break and will last longer than plastic toys. They’re also good for the environment and are made from renewable materials.

Feed your young one's imagination with colourful, wooden toys, and you will be doing good for the world at the same time.

Wooden Toys for Kids

There is something magical about wooden toys. You can see the craftsmanship, and feel the grain of the wood. It is something other materials just can't give you.

You can also crash wooden cars into each other, build castles and towers with wooden blocks, create wooden marble runs with wooden bridges and tunnels, solve puzzles, and so much more.

Wooden toys for kids are special in a way that plastic can’t be. They last longer and often can be kept as keepsakes, or heirlooms, handed down to the next generation of playful kids.

Browse our extensive range of kids' wooden toys and find your next adventure with My Happy Helpers.

Wooden Toys for Boys

Boys like to build and solve puzzles with their hands. Boys want to speed along as fast as they can, and race cars and fly planes. Lucky for them, My Happy Helpers has some awesome wooden toys to fit into their excited little hands. 

Wooden planes to fly, cars to drive, and bikes to ride. If your boys are into music, feed those tunes with a musical table or music station.

Fire up your young boy’s imagination with these wooden toys for boys, and so many more!


Wooden Toys for Girls

Girls love to solve puzzles and use their imaginations. Build castles with wooden blocks or play with some finely crafted dollhouses and create characters and lives out of some beautiful wooden dolls.

Give your girls the toys they need to grow their imagination and education through play. Understand how shapes fit together and learn social skills by playing with friends. There is so much that these wooden toys for girls can do to enrich their lives and prepare them for their educational future.

Browse our collection of wooden toys, add them to your cart and start the STEM journey today.

Wooden Toys for 2-year-olds

Two-year-old children are learning to play with their imagination more, to create stories in their minds, often telling you their weird and whacky stories. They may create stories with families, play soap opera drams in a dollhouse or fly a rocket to the moon.

They’re also learning the power of words, so giving them blocks with letters on them so they can create words, is a vital step in their learning process.

Build your child’s confidence in expression and learning through wooden toys from My Happy Helper.

Wooden Toys for 3-year-olds

3-year-olds are growing confident with their body and how to use their muscles. They want to explore the outside, climb around and get dirty. Have them race around on balance bikes or play with castles in the sandpit.

This lust for play and filling their minds with new information can be nurtured inside as well. A general store and a kitchenette can have your kids learning about social skills and interacting with others, simple maths and more.

Encourage their artistic stylings with a 5-in-1 painting easel.

Wooden toys are the best toys for kids growing up. My Happy Helpers has plenty to offer.

Wooden Toys for 4-year-olds

4-year-old children are increasing their social skills, thanks to kindergarten. They’re learning to play with others and learn from other people.

Playsets like our Farmyard set or the freight train set can grow imaginative stories, but the learning doubles when friends get involved too.

4-year-old kids also begin to copy their parents and play house or dress-ups. You can encourage this with a beauty set or a tool bench. This can also encourage interactive play with parents and more chances to learn and grow their minds.

Find more with My Happy Helpers.

Wooden Toys for 5-year-olds

Now your child is in school. They’re reading and writing, using letters more. They are learning the names of things at an accelerated rate. They have friends to play with, and an insatiable curiosity to know everything.

You can help feed their knowledge with educational wooden toys. Learning through play, giving their ever-growing imagination plenty of room to soar to great heights, is the best thing for 5-year-olds.


Build stories with families of dolls. Teach them about awesome dinosaurs or the creatures of the sea with these toys. Help them understand complex shapes and colours with some wooden building blocks.

The world, and the universe, are beginning to open for your child. Encourage learning and play, and experimentation in a fun and safe environment, with wooden toys from My Happy Helpers.

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