We Have A Great Range of Wooden Toddler Toys for Sale in Australia

My Happy Helpers prides itself on providing families with durable, long lasting, practical and purposeful wooden toys for the little boys and girls of Australia. 

Wooden toys seem to last almost forever, with many well-loved favourites passed down from generation to generation. Wooden baby toys are also environmentally friendly and break down in landfill without any need for hazardous toxins. One thing to keep in mind when purchasing wooden toys, or using hand me downs, is to be sure that they are not coated in a lead-based paint. My Happy Helpers independently tests all of its wooden toys for lead particles to ensure they are safe for even your littlest babes. We worry about the important things so that you can worry less and focus more, on creating those precious lifelong memories.  

What to consider when buying wooden toys for your kids 

Are wooden toys better than plastic? Not necessarily. Plastic toys are often less expensive, making them a more affordable option and they are often also easier to clean. Most concerns with plastic toys revolve around small parts breaking loose and presenting a choking hazard or the potential for the plastics used, to emit harmful chemicals.  

When deciding what’s right for your family, there is no right or wrong. The best choice you can make for your child is to select toys that are safe and appropriate for his or her age and development. For example, a child’s indoor wooden slide may be suitable for some older children, but not younger ones, so consider your child’s capabilities before purchasing. Select toys that you can afford and most importantly always read what your toys are made of and routinely inspect your toys for loose parts or sharp edges to avoid choking hazards and injury. 

If you are looking for wooden baby toys for your infant or kids, we have a great range available. Browse our selection of wooden toys for sale, and remember to take lots of photos, savour every moment and live life to its fullest! 

Our team can help you choose the perfect wooden toddler toys

We strongly believe that all families deserve to have safe, durable and affordable products to spark their children’s curiosity, and play in and discover the environment around them. Whether it’s learning towers, kitchen accessories or a wooden baby toys, My Happy Helpers has an extensive range of Australian products to suit the wants and needs of your little one. 

For information on returns, warranties, or to speak to a team member about the best product for your family, contact us via email.