Magnetic Blocks

Many parents know just how fascinated kids can be by magnets, which is why My Happy Helpers sells a range of magnetic blocks to delight and mentally stimulate your children. Safe and suitable for children of many ages, from toddlers to older kids, magnetic building blocks help encourage creative thinking. Our range of magnetic blocks is made from wood, meaning they’re durably designed, and your child is safe from potentially toxic plastic materials. Check out our premium range today and find the perfect toy for your little one.

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Why buy magnetic blocks?

There are a number of benefits of playing with magnetic blocks for kids, including encouraging creativity and promoting the development of fine motor skills. On top of that, magnetic toys require problem-solving skills to determine exactly where each piece fits. Beyond the positives they offer for your child’s development, our wooden blocks are also entirely child-friendly. Made to be light enough for a young child to pick up and be free of sharp edges, you can be assured your kids are safe while playing with our range of magnetic blocks.

How much do magnetic blocks cost?

At My Happy Helpers, we offer magnetic building blocks at a hugely affordable price. Our least expensive toys, like this ball pack, start at just $16.95, while this set of colourful magnetic blocks is also a bargain at $39.95. Our most expensive toys are only slightly more pricey, with this collection of wooden shapes costing $69.95 and this jet plane set totalling $54.95.

What are the different types of magnetic blocks?

My Happy Helpers offers a range of different magnetic block toys in various shapes and sizes. On top of our collection of top-notch wooden magnetic blocks, we also offer blocks in unique and fun shapes, such as this galaxy magblocks set in the shape of a robot. On top of that, we also sell a range of portable magnetic blocks that are specifically made for travel, like this hummingbird set. If you want to find a toy that can occupy your child while on the go, these just might be the perfect solution for you.

What are some products similar to magnetic blocks?