Educational Toys

Are you looking for the largest range of Wooden Educational Resources for Australian kids and toddlers? At My Happy Helpers, we’re proud to provide quality educational and wooden learning toys to boys and girls all around Australia.  Our Montessori-inspired educational toys for toddlers are the ideal gift for kids who crave knowledge and learning.  Whether it’s educational toys for mathematics, language or practical life skills, we have it all.

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The primary function of a toy is to create a fun environment for playing. However, educational and learning toys are designed to fine-tune your child’s motor skills, problem-solving, conflict resolution and encourage them to see learning as a fun and joyful experience.

To help your little one get the most out of their playtime, it’s important to consider investing in well-made and designed educational toy sets.  From educational puzzle toys and jigsaws to musical instruments and flashcards, we have some of the most popular and well-loved children's educational toys Australia-wide.

Why buy wooden learning toys for kids?

The learning toys we have in stock can give your child a head start to life and learning. Understanding the world around them, understanding how their body works, getting to know fine motor skills, all of this can be taught before your kids reach primary school. We have Montessori educational toys, which teaches through hands-on learning and collaborative play and so much more.

Learn by play, learning by doing, make learning fun, with wooden learning toys from My Happy Helpers.

Where to buy childrens educational toys?

Look through our extensive online catalogue of wooden educational toys and find the ones that will make your kids excited to learn. Grow your child’s literacy understanding or maths abilities and so much more.

If you’re in the neighbourhood, why not drop in and visit us- 12-16 Micro Circuit, Dandenong South, Victoria. We’re open Monday to Friday, 10 am – 2 pm.

Are wooden educational toys expensive?

The range of toys we have, the many different ways you can educate your child, means the prices can be as low as $9.95 for a coconut shell water scoop, to $74.95 for our wooden weather station.  This is your child’s education, a way for them to grasp ideas and concepts when their minds are young and full of wonder. At this age, the benefit to your child’s future is immeasurable.

What are the different types of wooden educational toys?

In what ways do you want to enrich your child’s life today? Musically? We have a range of wooden musical toys such as rainmakers, egg shakers even bird whistles!  Would you like to work on their fine motor skills? Your kids can play with the gear construction set, a wooden lock activity set, or our fine rainbow stacker wooden toy.

We have Montessori toys and Steiner educational toys too. All these great ways to feed your child’s mind and imagination, getting them to explore the world around them and begin to understand concepts and ideas.

What are our favourite Educational Toys

My Happy Helpers has a marvellous range of educational toys for kids of all ages and the best thing is, they’re wooden. This gives a great tactile feel for young hands and are quality products, lasting for years. Chances are they will become heirlooms.

Our stylish wooden toys include a camera, a pound-a-peg table, and a tractor as well.  Your children can play with some wooden toy animals or dinosaurs or even build a castle!  Our wooden toys help engage critical thinking and problem solving, help children learn the names of things, and, more importantly, are fun to play with. 

Math and Number toys

Learning numbers and how they can do awesome things together, is a core component of a child’s education. My Happy Helpers has a superb range of mathematical toys for kids to get their teeth into.  Colourful counting games, a traditional abacus too! We have a tree counting set that allows children to learn to count with abstract objects, not just wooden numbers.

To take counting to the next level, try some Cuisenaire Learning Rods.  Maths can be fun, and counting can be enjoyable. With My Happy Helpers, your children will be many times in front of the curve by the time they enter school.


Language and Alphabet toys

Playing with letters and words helps children understand how language works, how sentences work, and sparks joy in spelling and talking. We have an extraordinary array of language and alphabet toys for your kids to wrap their minds around.

They can learn how to craft letters with a wooden tracing board of the alphabet play with and arrange letters with a letter disk game. Each disk has a letter, upper case on one side, lowercase on the other.  Combine words and pictures with our Animal Alphabet Flash Card game, build language and geography skills with our world map and flags game, and gamify the whole process with the First 100 Words activity game.

With My Happy Helpers, your child will be talking, spelling, writing, and creating stories in no time.


Fine Motor Skills Toys

Fine motor skills are the grabbing and manipulating activities using the muscles in your wrists and hands. With My Happy Helpers, your child can learn to grip things, turn them over, manipulate and investigate the world around them. Peruse our range of fine motor skills toys and discover the best toys to help your child build confidence.

We have some bead and lacing toys, a colourful set too, perfect for steadying the hand and crafting a necklace, perhaps?  Pick up a wooden toy set full of blocks and shapes to build and match together, or an amazing Lock Activity Box, with chains and locks and sliding doors. So cool.

Being able to control fine motor muscles means children can hold cutlery and eat for themselves, and hold a drink cup themselves. It promotes intellectual growth and independence. Shop now with My Happy Helpers.


Musical Instrument Toys

Kids can express themselves through music, and also begin to learn about sound and noise. Playing with musical instrument toys helps with fine motor skills and coordination as well. Have them tapping a beat and keeping time with our band-in-a-box, with maracas, a tambourine, and more. They can rattle away with our cute little animal-shaped shakers or get musical with a colourful xylophone.

Our musical instruments are not limited to pianos and drums. You can grab a wooden rainmaker, a rotating music box, or some musical bells!  Bring sound and music into your world with My Happy Helpers and some wonderful musical educational toys.


Montessori Toys

Montessori toys are made with the child in mind. Not just toys, they are tactile experiences. Wood feels different and full of character, as opposed to plastic. All Montessori Toys are made of natural materials to be good to the skin when grabbed and held and often stuck into a child’s mouth.

Educate your children about maths and object permanence through wooden sorting blocks, colourful sequencing blocks, or stacking blocks. These toys all work with the child’s mind to calculate numbers, and how things fit together. There are fine motor skills and balancing involved, too, all with the tactile sensation of wonderful wood.


Waldorf Steiner Toys

Steiner Waldorf toys are full of sensory joy. Soft felt dolls, the sensation of falling sand, or the feel of warm wood in your hand, your child will learn through play and have that fine motor skill education with different sensations to touch and hold.

Waldorf Steiner toys are renowned for their quality of craftsmanship, and their enduring nature of joy with children. Play should be joyful and bring a smile to children's faces while learning how things feel, how they work with each other, and more. Waldor Steiner toys deliver this.

Educational Toys for 1-year-olds

Giving your children the best start in life and educating them about their bodies and the world around them, can be done with a smile and giggle with educational toys from My Happy Helpers.

Learning toys for 1-year-olds include musical instruments they can shake, rattle and roll, and learn about sounds and noises. They can play with simple animal puzzles and understand shapes and native Australian Animals.  Let them build and play with a pack of soft numbers blocks. Build a tower and let it crash without breaking anything. Give your young ones a chance to explore words and numbers, experiment with their fine motor skills and creativity, all thanks to the toys from My Happy Helpers.


Educational Toys for 2-year-olds

When children reach 2, they are absorbing the world around them. They are beginning to understand words and images, and their imagination is starting to bloom. Harnessing that energy and allowing it to grow positively is where toys for two-year-olds come in.  A push wagon with blocks not only helps them steady themselves to walk, helping them to learn gross motor functions and navigate their world, but it also comes full of coloured blocks to pile up and play with.

Encourage your child to get out into the garden and learn about nature with some cool garden tools and a belt.  Engage their problem-solving skills with a colour and shape puzzle set.  My Happy Helpers has loads of cool toys to engage your child’s growing mind and body.


Educational Toys for 3-year-olds

3-year-olds are on the cusp of Kinder. Their understanding of numbers is growing, their reading skills are rocketing ahead, and they’re learning how to grip and grasp and heighten their fine motor skills through play

They want to explore more and understand more of their world which we can help with, through educational puzzles, educational games, and more.  Fill your 3-year-old’s mind with wonder and chances to create and learn with all the educational toys for three-year-olds, from My Happy Helpers.


Educational Toys for 4-year-olds

Being 4 years old is arguably the best time of a child’s life. They are just about to start school. They can run and jump, they can carry a conversation, and they are learning new words and numbers and things all the time. The amount of information a 4-year-old vacuums up into their minds is incredible, and being able to fill their imaginations with educational toys for 4-year-olds is a must.  

Boost their confidence through learning with word games, building games, and puzzles.  Feed their play and imagination with a treehouse playset or an animal vet playset too.  They can learn about animals in the sea or beasts of the African savannah with these stackable wooden toy animals.

Get them excited about learning and knowing everything! Feed their vibrant minds with toys from My Happy Helpers.


Educational Toys for 5-year-olds

Boisterous 5-year-olds are complex little people. They understand feelings but might not be able to express them. Their brains are becoming complex, needing more demanding stimuli, such as a good puzzle or a challenging building activity. The educational toys for 5-year-olds that My Happy Helpers have can help navigate this transition into school life.

Their imaginations are growing wilder, and they now have more chances to learn social interactions through play. Dinosaur games or castle playsets allow for shared story experiences.  There is a lot you can give your 5-year-olds to encourage a joy of learning and creating. My Happy Helpers is always here to feed your child’s mind and help them develop into bright young adults.