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Educational Toys Wooden Educational Toys

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Montessori Leaf Puzzle


Writing and Counting Trays


Cylindrical Wooden Sorting Blocks

$29.95 $44.95

Montessori Sand Tray

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Moon and Star Balancing Game


Montessori Discs Post Box


Wooden Life Cycle Puzzle


Pound A Ball Tower

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Track a Ball Rack

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Ball Rolling House


Wooden Rain Maker

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Wooden Balls Set of 50

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My First Calender Chart


Montessori Size Puzzle


Cognitive Flash Cards - Animal Sounds

$10.95 $14.95
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Jumbo Sequencing Blocks

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Striped Spinning Tops

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Duo Egg Shakers - Babynoise


Toddler Yoga Cards


Train Whistle


Educational Toys and Wooden Educational Toys- Your Complete Guide

Are you looking for a great range of educational toys for Australian kids and toddlers? Here at My Happy Helpers, we’re proud to provide quality educational and wooden learning toys to boys and girls all around Australia.


Our Montessori-inspired educational toys for toddlers are the ideal gift for kids who crave knowledge and learning. Whether it’s educational toys for mathematics, language or practical life skills, we have it all, so why not browse our fantastic range of high-quality educational toys online?  


The primary function of a toy is to create a fun environment for playing. However, educational toys are designed to fine-tune your child’s motor skills, problem-solving, conflict resolution and encourage them to see learning as a fun and joyful experience.

To help your little one get the most out of their playtime, it’s important to consider investing in well-made and designed educational toy sets.

From educational puzzle toys and jigsaws to musical instruments and flashcards, we have some of the most popular and well-loved childrens' educational toys Australia-wide.

What are educational toys?

Many parents will be aware of the benefits of toys for their child’s development, but what exactly are educational toys and what makes them different from regular toys?

Learning and educational toys are those that play a key role in your child’s development and have been specifically designed to stimulate intellectual, cognitive, motor and social development.

However, these toys aren’t necessarily just memory cards or wooden blocks with letters and numbers. We recognise that children learn in different ways, and the best way for them to learn is through play.

Through interaction, observation and imaginative play, your child will learn how to... Read More

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