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Open Ended Toys

We have a fantastic range of  Open-Ended Toys and Ideas to inspire your child’s imagination and creativity

My Happy Helpers has a wonderful range of open-ended play toys to inspire and encourage your children to use their imagination and display their creativity.


Shop our Best selling Open Ended Toys

Rainbow Nesting Boxes




Rainbow Nesting Blocks


Felt Alphabet Set – 52 pcs


Equilibrio Wooden Balance Board


Jumbo Natural Rainbow Blocks 86 pcs.


Hare Wooden Animal


Lion Wooden Animal


Giraffe Wooden Animal


Hedgehog Wooden Animal


Rabbit Wooden Animal


Crocodile Wooden Animal


Elephant Wooden Animal


Rhino Wooden Animal


Tyrannosaurus Rex Wooden Dinosaur


Parasaurolophus Wooden Dinosaur


Pterodactyl Wooden Dinosaur


Stegosaurus Wooden Dinosaur


Turtle Wooden Animal


Dolphin Wooden Animal


Fish Wooden Animal


Seal Wooden Animal


Puffin Wooden Animal


Crab Wooden Animal


Whale Wooden Animal


Penguin Wooden Animal


English Shepherd Dog Wooden Animal


Goose Wooden Animal


Sheep Wooden Animal


Chicks Wooden Animal


Pig Wooden Animal


Donkey Wooden Animal


Wooden Tractor


Woodland Memory Card Game


Safari Animal Display Shelf Set


Coastal Animals Display Shelf Set


Insect House

Sold Out

Fox Wooden Animal

Sold Out

Fallow Deer Wooden Animal


Charlie Peg Dolls

$29.95 $39.95

Discover the best range of Open Ended Play Toys right here

My Happy Helpers are committed to providing Australian families with beneficial open-ended play toys. If you would like to purchase or are interested in the different types of open-ended play toys that we have available, browse our selection or email our team for more information about the products.

What is Open Ended Play and what are the Benefits?

Children are naturally imaginative and creative; traits that as parents we want to encourage on a regular basis. Open-ended play inspires the use of these traits, which has huge benefit for your child’s learning and growth. With open-ended play there are no set outcomes, meaning there is no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’; play will go in the direction that your child’s mind takes them. The open-ended play toys that we offer at My Happy Helpers are proudly designed to allow your children to develop their social, problem solving, language, communication skills, cognitive ability, fine motor skills, gross motor skills, creativity and more.

What are some Easy Open Ended Play Ideas

The philosophy behind open ended play is that it is unplanned and unstructured. So simply set up an invitation for your toddler to play, and watch as your little one plays, creates and discovers a whole new world.

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