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Whether you need to store your child’s books, educational toys or clothes, the kids bookshelf collection at My Happy Helpers has something for everyone. We’re proud to offer affordable and well-priced bookcases for your children, so you can say goodbye to your storage dilemmas today.

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What are the benefits of our kids’ bookshelf?


A bookshelf isn’t just a piece of furniture: it’s a gateway to unlocking a child’s imagination and love for learning. Discover the wonderful world of kids' bookshelves at My Happy Helpers, where functional organisation meets delightful aesthetics. Our collection offers a solution for every need, from simple two-tier bookcasees to dynamic rotating options. Elevate your child's space with our bookshelves that go beyond storage, adding charm to bedrooms or playrooms.

Frequently Asked Questions

Things to consider for kids' book storage

A kids' bookshelf isn't just about tidying up their space; it's about cultivating a love for reading.

Early exposure to books enriches language skills, and with our thoughtfully designed bookshelves, kids can easily access their favourite stories. 

No matter if your child has learned to read yet, a kids’ bookshelf is a bedroom or playroom essential. Reading to your little one from as early as infancy does wonders for their language development and allows them to gain foundational literacy skills. Beyond its educational benefits, a bookshelf for kids also helps make cleaning up a breeze.

After you've set up a special spot in their room for your kid’s bookshelf, it's a smart move to create a routine for picking out books to read and keeping everything tidy. If they’re old enough, they can decide which stories they’re really interested in. To foster a sense of ownership and engagement, it's a great idea to involve your child in the process by allowing them to pick their own books, provided they're at an appropriate age to do so. By giving them the autonomy to select what captures their interest, you nurture their independence and cultivate a genuine enthusiasm for reading. 

Additionally, consider complementing the bookshelf area with enjoyable and inviting elements such as a plush bean bag or comfortable cushions. This creates a cosy and appealing space that reinforces the notion that the bookshelf is a welcoming corner where your child can unwind and immerse themselves in stories after a busy day.

Find the perfect children's bookshelf

At My Happy Helpers, you can find a variety of kids' bookshelves designed to cater to different aesthetic preferences and functions. 

  • Kids accumulate a lot of bits and pieces, be it toys, clothes, knick-knacks, or books. A bookshelf offers a fantastic way to store all of these things in a convenient, out-of-the-way manner. They organise your child’s life and provide a sense of calm to the play space your child lives in. 
  • Bookshelves not only declutter but also offer a calming influence in your child's play area. Finding toys or books becomes hassle-free, preventing unnecessary mess. 
  • By having easy access to their own bookshelf, children can independently choose and retrieve books they want to read, fostering a sense of autonomy and decision-making.
  • Bookshelves can create a reading–friendly environment, promoting a love for books. Enhance the space further with comfy cushions, creating a cosy reading nook.
  • Having engaging books readily available can divert children's attention from screens and digital devices, promoting healthier screen time habits.
  • A well-stocked bookshelf exposes children to a variety of topics, genres, and stories, stimulating their imagination and creativity. They can explore different worlds, cultures, and perspectives through reading.

One of our most popular styles is the open bookshelf. These pieces of furniture resemble charming doll houses but serve a practical purpose with their many compartments for storing books and other items. The open design not only makes it easy for children to access their favourite stories but also adds a playful touch to their room's décor.

Another popular choice among our range is the two-tier or three-tier bookshelf. These bookshelves provide a traditional bench-like structure, giving children the feeling of a comfortable reading nook while ensuring ample storage space for their expanding collection of books. This design is not only functional but also contributes to creating a cosy and inviting reading environment.

For those looking to add an element of sophistication and innovation to their child's space, rotating bookshelves are an intriguing option. These bookshelves feature a unique mechanism that allows them to rotate, revealing multifaceted storage compartments. This design is particularly beneficial for maximising storage capacity while keeping the bookshelf's footprint compact. This type of bookshelf is well-suited for children who enjoy a touch of modernity in their room décor and value efficient use of space.

Why buy a kids' bookcase?

Incorporating a bookshelf into a child's environment offers numerous advantages that contribute to their development, education, and overall well-rounded growth. The many benefits include:

Why buy a kids' bookcase?

How Should I Style My Child's Bookshelf?

Having a styled bookshelf helps to make books look appealing and fun to read.

How Should I Style My Child's Bookshelf?

What's the Difference Between a Children’s Bookshelf and a Regular Bookshelf?

There are a few key differences between a children’s bookshelf and a regular bookshelf.

The first and most obvious is the height. Children’s bookshelves are easier to reach than regular ones. Additionally, children’s bookshelves often come in different shapes and colours than regular bookshelves. The final difference is that many bookshelves offer front-facing book displays.