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Kids Bookshelf

Kids Bookshelf

Bookshelves for kids are a must-have in a busy room. Whether you need to store your child’s books, toys or clothes, the bookshelf collection at My Happy Helpers has something for you.

Perhaps you’re looking for a simple, two-tier bookshelf to place books on. Or, perhaps you’re after a rotating bookshelf, which can store all of your child’s mathematics, educational and literacy toys.

Whatever the case, we offer affordable and well-priced bookshelves for your children, so you can say goodbye to your storage dilemmas today!


Shop our Best Selling Kids Bookshelf



Furniture & Décor

Aspire 2 Tier Shelf - Slimline



Furniture & Décor

Wooden Doll House


Furniture & Décor

Rotating Bookshelf



Furniture & Décor

Aspire 1 Tier Shelf - Slimline



Furniture & Décor

Aspire 2 Tier Shelf



Furniture & Décor

Aspire 1 Tier Shelf



Furniture & Décor

Kids Bookcase - Blue


Furniture & Décor

Aspire 3 Tier Shelf - Slimline



Furniture & Décor

Bookcase - Pink


Furniture & Décor

Two-Tier Tree Shelf


Furniture & Décor

Bunny Storage Unit


3 Tier Tree Shelf
Sold Out

3 Tier Tree Shelf


Why buy a kids bookshelf?

Kids accumulate a lot of bits and pieces, be they toys, clothes, knick-knacks or books.

A bookshelf offer a fantastic way to store all of these things in a convenient, out-of-the-way manner. They organise your child’s life and provide a sense of calm to the play

space your child lives in.

Not only that, it makes things a lot more straightforward when you’re trying to find that toy your kid has lost, when you know it has been put back in its go-to place! Without bookshelves, clutter accumulates, which can also present as a tripping hazard for your child.


How much does a kids bookshelf cost?

You can buy a bookshelf from My Happy Helpers at a range of prices.

Some of our more affordable options include this Open Dolls House for $109.95, featuring a light wooden colour and a minimalistic, natural design.

Another cheaper option includes this Bookcase in Pink, which you can take home for $179.95. Our more sophisticated designs are more expensive, like this Two-Tier Tree Shelf, which you can buy for $249.95.

Alternatively, buy a Kids Rotating Bookshelf to accommodate all of their storage needs. This rotating bookshelf comes with three tiers and three side compartments on each side. With the ability to spin around depending on what you need access to, this bookshelf fits into most spaces with ease, regardless of your room setup.


What are the different types of kids bookshelves?

A child's bookshelf is varied by design. You can buy open bookshelves and bookcases, which look a little like doll’s houses but with plenty of functional storage compartments on the interior.

Alternatively, shop for two-tier and three-tier bookshelves, offering a classic benchtop feel for your child. At the most sophisticated end of the bookshelf collection are our rotating bookshelves, which have the capacity to store more than ordinary bookshelves by virtue of their multifaceted storage compartments


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