Kids Scooter

Scooters are a fun and exciting way for kids to get some exercise, get out in the sunshine and learn some complex muscle and coordination skills! At My Happy Helpers, we have scooters to suit kids at all skill levels. Available in a huge range of colours and sizes, our range of kids’ scooters is sure to thrill! Shop kids' scooters in Australia with My Happy Helpers!

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What are the benefits of scooters for kids?

Our kid’s scooters are perfect for toddlers and kids, with a variety of 3-wheeled scooters, ideal for your little ones first set of wheels. Or shop our 2 wheeled scooters for the confident older kids.  At My Happy Helpers, we value safety and durability and that's the reason so many parents recommend our Kids Scooter Range! Kids Scooters are easy to ride, promote an active lifestyle, and provide hours of outdoor fun for little and big kids alike. If you're looking for ways to encourage your little ones to get more exercise or want to enjoy the great outdoors as a family, a Scooter for your little boys and girls is the perfect solution! 

Why buy scooters for kids?

You want your kids to exercise and have fun while doing it. And kids love to zoom around, go fast and feel the wind in their hair. The smiles on their faces and the giggles of glee they will scream is a joy to behold. Kids scooters also help a child learn to balance, use their core muscles and gross motor skills all while having fun. You can even personalise the scooters with a Scooter Friend. A funky blue dinosaur or a happy pink unicorn can sit on the scooter handlebars for a colourful, fun twist!

Are Kids Scooters expensive?

At My Happy Helpers, we sell the best toys for your kids… including toy scooters. We would never stock a cheap scooter that could easily break and/or injure your child, and we’d never tarnish our own reputation by selling you bad quality toys. When you buy a kids’ scooter from My Happy Helpers, you can rest assured that it will last longer than one summer holiday. Your child will be zooming around on their scooter for years to come, learning coordination skills, getting fit and having fun. 

What are the different types of Kids Scooters?

Children’s scooters are available in an incredible range of colours, sizes, and designs to suit almost any child! For example, our three-wheeled scooters are good for beginners. The Primo Three-Wheeled Scooter, for example, has LED lights built into the wheels for a bit of fun, whereas the Primo Foldable Scooter comes with an adjustable handle stick for when your child gets taller. We even have three-wheeled wooden scooters for a comfortable, lightweight ride! Soon, your toddler will graduate to a kids' two-wheel scooter! Micro Scooters and scooters from Globber are popular with kids thanks to their cool designs and fun range of colors. You can choose scooters with mini wheels or cruisers with bigger wheels for a softer ride. Just make sure to protect your child’s growing mind and body with a helmet and a junior protective pad set. This will keep scratches and scrapes at bay!

Why does my little one need a scooter?

Exercise is important for growing children… but sometimes it’s hard to break them away from their screens. With this in mind, it’s important to make exercise fun and educational. Scooters are the perfect solution your child will smile, giggle and scream as they zoom around the yard! Scooters encourage gross motor skill development and coordination. Scooting requires your child to use their arms and legs independently from each other. One foot kicks and the other balances while both hands stick to the handlebars to balance and steer the scooter. 

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