Celebrate your little one’s big day with these gorgeous 1st birthday gifts

Your child’s first birthday is truly a milestone worth celebrating. At age one, your boy or girl is now considered a “toddler” — from now on, your little one will be switching their attention from fine motor skills (like picking up and examining objects) to building their large muscles. You can expect them to be pushing wooden walkers, throwing items, kicking, and putting things inside containers (or mastering simple puzzles).

Their attention span is going to kick up a gear and will be able to focus on a game for up to five minutes, so it’s important to have the right toys to keep them occupied and encourage their development.

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First Birthday Presents

What kind of first birthday presents should I buy?

Sarah MacLaughlin, a child development expert and author of “What Not to Say: Tools for Talking with Young Children”, says the best first birthday presents are those that stimulate and surprise your bub’s mind. “Babies’ brains develop so quickly — something like a million neural connections per second. To keep them interested, you have to add sensory or mobility features to the mix." We couldn’t agree more, which is why we stock some of Australia’s most beloved and educational toys for one year olds. According to New York Magazine, it’s best to opt for toys that help build your baby’s major muscles, get their bodies moving and their minds work

What are the benefits of My Happy Helper's presents for one year olds?

At 12 months, your baby will be getting more confident using their hands and fingers. This is no time to slow down learning fine motor skills, even if your little one is focusing on finding their feet and wandering around without mum or dad’s help! For your bub’s mountain of 1st birthday presents, consider investing in some fun little brain teasers and toys to help them continue developing their fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. Our Mini Stacking Toy is a great starting point inspired by the Montessori learning method, this timber stacker features three rings that they can place over the wooden peg in the middle. Each ring is made of three different types of wood, so your little one can develop a sense of colour and size to place the rings in order from large to small at the top. 

What are some similar products to these first birthday presents?