Kid Safe Knife

Make cooking adventures safe with our range of Child Safe Kitchen Knives and Safety Food Peelers

My Happy Helpers love seeing your toddlers cooking and baking up a storm in the kitchen ! Share your favourite recipes and photos on our Instagram or Facebook pages - we are always on the lookout for tasty toddler dinner ideas ! 

Meanwhile, shop our range of kids safety knives and safely peelers and lets get your little ones really hands on in the kitchen. These knives cut food - Veges, meat and fruit, not kiddies! 

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Shop our range of Kids Safe Knives & Peelers


Children just love getting involved in the kitchen. Whether it's helping to chop the vegetables or cutting up their own food, any excuse to help prepare dinner.


It's also true that Children can learn a huge amount from helping Adults in the kitchen, some of these skills could include maths and chemistry, along with language and fine motor skills. 

What food do Kid Safe Knives cut ?

With purposefully designed, rounded serrations, these Child safe knives will have your kids cutting fruit, vegetables and meat, but not their little fingers. Use them in the kitchen to teach your little ones about healthy eating and use them to safely involve your little ones in meal preparation, or simply to cut their own food at meal times. Watch as your child's confidence and independence soars. 

Where can I buy Child Safe Knives?

At My Happy Helpers, we stock the very best Kid Safe knifes and peelers. You can shop online, or instore at 12-16 Micro Circuit Dandenong South Victoria

What are Kids Safety Knives?

Kid Safe knives work by using a sawing action. These Knives are specifically developed to ensure the blade is not sharp and whilst they will allow your child to chop food, they wont allow them to cut themselves. Kids as young as three can now help out with meal prep ! 

Are Kids Safety Knives and Peelers expensive?