Math & Number Toys

Make Maths fun with our range of Numeracy Toys

Our maths toys help to guarantee your child is prepared for school years before they even step through the gates.  Designed specifically to teach children about arithmetic, our collection of maths toys features products that will guide learning in focused areas like counting, addition and subtraction.

Whatever your budget may be, there’s a maths toy waiting for you at My Happy Helpers, so get shopping today and see what you find!

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Why buy Math and Numeracy Toys ?

Although your child will be taught maths at school, it’s important to supplement their more formal education with toys that will also help them develop intellectually at home.

There are many reasons that number toys can be beneficial to children, including that some learn better through play, while others are more comfortable and confident when learning at home. Our range of math toys will help sharpen your child’s cognitive skills and improve things like hand-eye coordination, visual perception, and fine motor skills.

Are maths toys expensive?

My Happy Helpers offers toys at all price ranges, and our maths toys are no exception. Some of our most affordable products include our wooden numbers coins ($10.95), as well as our collection of 100 puzzle cards, which is a bargain at $19.95.

If you want to invest a little bit more into maths toys, look no further than our aesthetically pleasing tree abacus ($69.95) or the glazed calculate sticks ($89.95).


What are the different types of maths toys?

My Happy Helpers offers a wide range of maths toys that are so much fun, your child won’t even feel like they’re learning.

To encourage the development of your child’s shape and geometry perception, shop through our collection of puzzles and games, like this wooden balancing clown piece. Meanwhile, if you’re looking for toys that will truly challenge budding mathematics, check out this intricate count and match numbers puzzle or this number jigsaw.