Kids Umbrellas

We all know how annoying getting caught in the rain without a brolly can be, so why subject our kiddos to that too? Umbrellas are just as essential for kids in wet weather as they are for adults, given the amount of time they spend outdoors.

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Umbrella Essentials for Kids


Whether travelling to and from school or playing in the backyard, a kids umbrella can come in handy when you least expect it. At My Happy Helpers, we stock kids umbrellas in a range of trendy designs, so get shopping today to find your favourite.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why buy a child size umbrella? You wouldn’t give your child oversized rainboots or coats, so why buy an umbrella that’s too big for them?

It’s important to provide kids with brollies that are size-appropriate so that they can hold and transport them with ease, encouraging independence. Teaching your child about umbrella etiquette, like how to open and close them properly, is also beneficial in building confidence and helping them learn about manners.

Kids are also less likely to want to reach for an adult umbrella which often features a dull or plain design. Instead, they’re likely to be much more interested in kids umbrellas that feature funky patterns and bright colours.

What are the different types of kids umbrella? Even if the weather is dull and grey, your kids' umbrella certainty doesn’t have to be.