Fairy Toys

Fairy Toys

I do believe in fairies; I do, I do! It’s safe to say many of us hold fond memories of the magical world of fairies from our childhoods. There’s nothing better to spark imaginations than fairy-related fun that children of any age and gender can enjoy.

My Happy Helpers stocks a wide range of fairy toys, from lovingly-made plushies to craft activities and much more. Check out our full collection online today and find the toy fairies you’ve been searching for.

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Why buy fairy toys for kids?


Fairy toys are much more than just pretty to look at. Instead, they serve as the perfect fuel for your little one’s imagination and creativity.

Active roleplay with toy fairies will encourage your child to develop their storytelling skills, which in turn helps to improve their communication levels and vocabulary. On top of that, playing with fairies alongside other children will nurture their social skills and teach them about sharing, cooperation and conflict resolution.

As if that wasn’t enough, these toys serve as the perfect excuse to help your child connect to nature, given that fairies live outside (of course).

Are fairy toys expensive?

Our fairy collection features a wide variety of toys at different price points, guaranteeing you’ll find something to suit your budget.

If you’re looking for toys under $20, consider buying an Angel Star Wand ($3.95) or Scratch Card Set ($9.95). Meanwhile, if you’re after something special that can be passed down through multiple children, check out this beautifully intricate Gnome House Set ($159.95) or this hands-on Fairytale Tower Set with a whopping 75 pieces ($269.95).


What are the different types of fairy toys?

You can buy all sorts of fairy toys at My Happy Helpers, from delicate soft toys like Blossom the Fairy to Fairy Colouring Sets.

Beyond just fairy products themselves, you can choose from a range of related accessories, such as this Fairybelle Carriage and Unicorn that is straight out of Cinderella. You’ll even find construction toys built around a fairy theme, like this Fairy Castle set of wooden blocks. After all, not all fairy toys need to be dainty.