Wooden Toy Cars

We have an exciting range of Wooden Toy Cars and Wooden Car Toys for Australian kids. Do you have a Wooden Car obsessed little one at home? Then you’re in the right place! My Happy Helpers is thrilled to provide a great range of Classic Toy Cars and Emergency Cars to Australian families. You will be sure to find something online that will please even the most discerning Wooden Vehicle fan.

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What are the benefits of wooden toy cars?

As your child plays and rolls the toy cars for kids around, they can observe how quickly they move depending on how much pressure they use or how they roll over a straight surface as opposed to a ramp. Pushing the toy cars can also help to develop your child’s fine motor skills once they start to open and close car doors, put people into wooden racing cars and more.

Why buy wooden cars for kids?

Wooden cars are awesome. Get some wooden cars and smash them with plastic cars, the wooden cars will always win. We don’t think you should be smashing cars all the time, but we do think the quality of the wooden cars we sell is the best, and we encourage you to play with our toys for hours at a time. Wooden toy cars show craftsmanship. Handmade not mass-produced, they are more than a toy. Some of our wooden cars you can even paint in whatever colour you want! That’s cool. Wooden toys are better for the environment and can last longer for more hours of playtime.

What are the different types of wooden cars?

We have city cars and race cars, first responders, trucks and more. You can have a set of cars with their own pack-away box! We have a collection of mini tree vehicles or a large wooden gnome car, a colourful set of wooden cars, plus a pack of road signs too. For smaller kids who need bigger toys, you can grab a wooden surfie van or a chicken in a big racing car. We even have an ice cream van! Some of the cars you can even paint them in your own colours if you want. How cool is that?

What are some similar products to wooden cars?

Are wooden cars expensive?

Wooden cars may cost more than their plastic cousins, but the value you get from our wooden cars far exceeds the rest. Hand made with expert craftsmanship, these wooden cars feel solid when you hold them and have a timeless quality about them. Wooden cars are great for the environment. You can replant trees and always make more without an adverse reaction to Mother Nature. Wooden toys tend to become heirlooms, passed down through the generations with love.