Globber Scooters

Looking for the perfect set of wheels for your little adventurer? With Globber scooters, they can steer with style. Founded in 2014, Globber has since taken over Aussie playgrounds with their award-winning kid's scooters, which are vibrantly coloured and equipped with innovative features like light-up wheels and elliptic folding systems. Globber is committed to promoting a healthy and fun lifestyle for kids, with a focus on safety. All models feature a highly responsive braking system and patented steering lock, so beginners can ride confidently. Browse My Happy Helpers’ range of Globber scooters today, and find your ride!

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Why buy Globber Scooters Australia for kids?

If you’re looking for a fun way to help your child practice their balancing skills or encourage them to engage in active play, make way for a Globber scooter! Since their inception, Globber has received numerous awards for their functionality, reliability, style, and overall user experience including the National Parenting Product Award for Best Scooter in 2019 and LuxLife’s Most Innovative All-Ages Scooter Brand in 2020. 

How much does Globber Scooters Australia cost?

Splurging on a new set of (mini) wheels can be expensive, but Globber scooters offer a lot of bang for your buck! Adjustable, convertible, light-up, foldable, take your pick. With prices starting from just $119.95, you’ll be riding high!

What are the benefits of Globber Scooters?

Globber has many different styles to suit your kid’s age and scooting style. Beginners can learn confidently with the Explorer Trike or the Go Up Comfort Scooter, while older kids will enjoy a more advanced riding experience with the Primo series, which feature an enhanced steering system, durable TPR handlebar grips, reinforced body frame, and dual brakes. All models come in a variety of colours and are compatible with Globber accessories, and some have added features such as LED lights, horns, and elliptic folding.

What are some other balancing and active play toys?