Baby Noise Instruments

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Your little ones are going to love getting noisy with our Babynoise instrument range

Let your little ones discover a beautiful world of shapes and sounds with our range of Babynoise instruments!

Baybynoise is the home of original wooden percussion toys since 2017 and offers a selection of child-friendly instruments that are designed for musical discovery and hours of fun and educational play.

Each toy in our extensive Babynoise Instrument range is perfectly sized for small hands to explore every curve and shape, with the ultimate reward being the discovery of the sounds their soon to be favourite toys make! As your little ones belt out their first few tunes or strike up a rhythm of their own, your little ones will be reaping the rewards of creative play while developing skills like numeracy and improving hand-eye coordination.

Many of the toys in the Babynoise Instrument Range offers the opportunity for teamwork too!

Your little ones will delight in playing harmonica tunes with dad, or drumming up a beat as their siblings tap out sounds on xylophones! Smaller little ones can get their first taste of rhythm with bar bell shakers, tambourines or even their very own little cymbal. There is so much pleasure in musical play and your child will enjoy every moment of their sound exploration.

The Babynoise Instrument Range is hand painted here in Australia

Their team is made up of a stay at home mum (Eve), her three children (Cooper, Tyler & Weston) and her fiancé Byron. All items are hand painted by Eve with non toxic paint, right from her home. 

With so many benefits, ranging from increased co-ordination and memory, to better developed social skills, you should try to expose your little ones to music as much as possible. Some simple ways to do this is through listening to music together, singing songs together, playing rhythm games, or even making your own musical instruments.