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Babies, toddlers, kids and the young at heart… Everyone loves a soft plush toy to cuddle both morning and night! Whether it’s a traditional Teddy bear, a pretty princess plush, a majestic safari animal or even a fluffy-eared bunny, there’s nothing better than a soft, squeezy plushie — no matter how old you are.


Here at My Happy Helpers, we stock the biggest and best range of soft toys Australia has to offer! From adorable fluffy animals to princesses, knights, unicorns and so much more, we have mountains of furry friends to keep your little one company at bedtime and during playtime. 


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The benefits of soft plush toys for kids

There’s actually a science behind why we love soft plush toys… thanks to their adorable appearance and fluffy, cuddly nature, plush toys are designed to trigger nurturance and affection in us! In fact, research has shown that cuddling a plush toy like a Teddy can evoke a sense of peace, security and comfort, all the things you need during your childhood. 


With this in mind, it’s obvious how little ones can benefit from plush toys!


  • Soft toys can help with separation anxiety. The soft touch and feel of a plushie can instantly reduce stress and anxiety in your child. If your little one gets unsettled at bedtime, a plush toy can give them a sense of comfort and security, especially once mum or dad has turned off the lights.

  • Plushies can help build your little one’s social skills. As your child grows, they’ll start to pretend play more and more. While they play, they can imitate real-world social interactions and scenarios with their plush toys — this will help them communicate better and make friends later on!

  • Soft plush toys can help your child hone their new skills. Plush toys are even a great tool for helping your child practice their newfound skills. For example, when it’s time for your child to brush their teeth and change into their pyjamas, you can ask them to show their plushie how it’s done. Kids learn through imaginary play and role-playing, so why not introduce Teddy to the mix?

  • Soft toys can help your child express themselves. At around two or three years old, your child will have a lot of intense feelings and won’t necessarily know how to deal with those feelings. You can help your child manage their emotions with a plush toy — your little one can cuddle their plushie for comfort, or you can try to reenact the scenarios that upset your child at home with their plushie. For example, if your little one gets upset at bathtime, pretend that it’s bathtime for their plushie in a toy bath. Ask your little one questions: why is Teddy upset? How is Teddy feeling?

A soft plush toy can make all the difference in your child’s wellbeing and skills. Browse through our collection of adorable, snuggly toys online and find the perfect plush pal for your little one today!

What kind of soft plush toys are available?

Soft plush toys are no longer limited to Teddy bears. In fact, there are hundreds of options available — fantastical creatures like unicorns, dragons and fairies; woodland animals like foxes and bunny rabbits; princes, princesses and superheroes… anything you can imagine, you can bet there’s a plushie of it out there somewhere!


Here at My Happy Helpers, we have one of the biggest and best collections of plush toys Australia has to offer! Here’s a quick rundown of some of our plushie categories.


  • Unicorns — next to Teddy bears, unicorns are the next best thing! We’ve got Uriel and Unity the crime-fighting unicorns wearing masks to conceal their identity. Your child can rest easy knowing their unicorn pals are out fighting crime! Alternatively, we also have Glimmer the Glitter Unicorn — she’s the perfect shape for cuddling at bedtime.

  • Sheep — Charlotte the Sheep makes a wonderful bedtime companion with loads of curly “wool” to snuggle into. She’s even got a sleepy little face — who knows, your child might even catch a yawn from this adorable ewe!

  • Dinosaurs — for something a little left-of-centre, why not opt for a baby dinosaur to cuddle all day? We have lots of dinosaurs to keep your child company including Daddy Dino the Stegosaurus, Big Dodger the Tyrannosaurus Rex and Otis the Diplodocus!

  • Birds — if your child is fascinated with birds then Brodie the Swan Prince is sure to put a smile on your little one’s face. With a cute crown and lots of grey fluffy feathers, Prince Brodie adds a touch of fantasy to your child’s bedroom. Match Prince Brodie with Ophelia the Swan Princess — she has a gorgeous golden crown and loads of pink fluff.

  • Forest friends — Foxy Fella is the ultimate gentle fox, tending to his chickens as if they were his own! Wearing a cute pair of overalls and a checkered bowtie, Foxy Fella will keep an eye on your child at night. Alternatively, we have lots of adorable bunny rabbits to choose from like Mr Honey Bunny with his long, floppy ears.

  • Native Australian animals — if you’re looking to spark an interest in native Australian animals, why not opt for one of our adorable Australian animal plushies? Ken the Kookaburra features “fluffy feathers” while Eddie the Emu boasts long legs and a furry abdomen. Meanwhile, our Banjo Koala Music Box is the perfect snuggle buddy (he’s even got a pull-string music box to sing your bub off to sleep).

  • Safari animals — Hunter the Lion will keep your child safe at bedtime! A rebel who refuses to cut his mane, Hunter the Lion has lots of hair and a soft, squeezy tummy for cuddling.

  • Princesses, fairies and ballerinas — looking for a magical, feminine character for your growing girl or boy? Flutterby the Fairy, Betty the Ballerina and Arabella the Angel will take care of Princess Popsicle and your tiny King or Queen at bedtime! These fantasy characters will sprinkle a little bit of fairy dust each night to ensure your baby sleeps peacefully. 


As you can see, there are lots of cute and cuddly plushie friends to keep your child company at bedtime and playtime! Browse through our collection and find a plush toy your child will truly love. 

What kind of soft plush toys are best for babies?

First time shopping for a newborn bub? You might be wondering what kind of plush toy is best for their tiny little hands! The good news is that almost any plush toy is good for a baby — so long as it's kept out of their cot or crib. Under seven months, soft toys should always be kept away from the sleeping environment in order to keep the baby safe.


At this tender young age, soft toys are best kept on the other side of the room, or only present during waking hours while in mum’s arms. Friends and family members can entertain the baby by playing with the plushie near them and making funny voices. 


If you’re looking for a handy gift for a new baby, consider opting for an adorable dummy to help at bedtime or daytime toys like rattles and bells. 


Once the baby is between seven months and 12 months, you can start to introduce soft toys for the little one to play with directly. Between eight and nine months, babies will start to notice the separation between themselves and their parents, so they may look to their plushie for comfort and connection when mum or dad is out of the room. 

2-in-1: soft plush toys with rattles and music boxes

If you’re looking for an all-around entertainer, you’ll love our range of soft plush toys with little extras like rattles and music boxes! In our rattle collection, we have Mac Quack the Duck wearing a dapper jacket and a beautiful Butterfly Rattle who will make lots of noise as she flutters around the room. For a wonderful woolly barnyard friend, there’s Sammy the Sheep Rattle with floppy little ears and Poppy the Pig Rattle in stunning pink.

Alternatively, our Banjo Koala Music Box will happily play music until your bub falls asleep. Just pull the string and Banjo will start to play his delicate, relaxing tunes.


Find a cute and cuddly plush toy for your child online with My Happy Helpers!

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Found an adorable soft plush toy for your little one? Shop online today with My Happy Helpers! We offer fast and affordable shipping throughout Australia as well as free shipping on orders over $199.

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