Toddler Toys

My Happy Helpers has a huge range of toddler toys, hand-crafted wooden toys, and more. Toddlers are curious little beasties who need toys to grab and hold and ways to explore the new world around them. 

We have toys they can hold and stack, sort by shape or colour and so much more. Learn by playing, learn by doing, bring joy to your toddler’s lives with fun toys that help with gross motor skills and other ways to interact with the world around them. If they’re so close to walking, you can give them a baby walker to push around and get that muscle coordination between their legs and feet and knees and more.

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What are the benefits of toys for toddlers?

“Play is the beginning of knowledge”, George Dorsey. Encouraging play with your toddlers will kickstart them on a path of learning and enjoying knowledge. At the age of a toddler, a young mind is growing and absorbing so much new information. Language is beginning. Connections between colour and shapes and meaning are forming in the mind.

If you give your toddler toys that encourage play and exploration, experimentation and most of all, fun, then you are gifting them something special. You will give them a head start on life, the beginnings of problem-solving, social interactions and creative imagination. My Happy Helpers has a vast range of toys to get young minds thinking and growing and imagining a better world.

Why buy toys for toddlers?

When kids grow into the toddler age range their minds are growing and developing, they’re exploring different sights and sounds, different sensations to hold and touch. It is all wondrous and exciting and new, and My Happy Helpers has some wonderful toys which can help them along this curious new path.



You can have an active part in guiding this phase of growth and learning with some directed choices and smart purchases from our wooden toddler toys range

How much do toddler toys cost?

Your toddler can be drawing in the bath from around $10, stacking and sorting wooden rings on a totem pole for just under $30 or you can have them making music for less than $10


Having them engaged and active, growing their imagination and their minds, for hours at a time, is worth the money spent with us. To see the wonder in their eye when they ‘get it’ is priceless.

What are the different types of toddler toys?

Your toddlers will be delighted at all the cool toys they can play with. We have bulldozer and tractor toys to play with, sorting toys in rainbow colours or strange shapes to figure out; weird-shaped blocks they can play with and stack up, our range is tremendous.

Your toddler can learn about colours and shapes, how they can fit together or stack on top of each other. Their imaginations can grow with activity sets that are fun to play with and balance or stack up and fall down again.


There is so much to engage your toddler’s sense of fun and play, define their fine motor skills and explore the world around them.

Things to consider when buying toddler toys?

You want the toys you buy for your toddler to be constructive and something that will help them grow.

Activity toys full of numbers and letters for them to learn words, maths and more. Colourful sorting toys where they can understand shapes and colours and match them together. Wooden stacking toys to help with coordination and muscle control, balance boards for core strength and balance skills.

The list of toys we have that will put a smile on your toddler’s face while they learn about the world, is twice as long as your arm, at least.

What toys do toddlers really need?

Toddlers need toys that help them explore their world and use their imagination. Their understanding of both begins to expand when they are toddlers, and you need to nurture and grow this within them.

Toys that allow them to explore the world can include ride-on toys, push carts and toys such as planes and cars, which they can zoom around with.

Imagination toys include doll houses, crayons and art supplies and colourful books and puzzles. These allow them to imagine stories and worlds and use growing problem-solving skills.

What are the best educational toys for toddlers?

Educational toys are fantastic. They help toddlers learn through play, and education through games. And the toys you buy don’t have to be complicated and use batteries.

Some simple wooden building blocks can not only teach them stacking and balancing but also how different textures feel in hand. The letters on each side of the block can begin to teach them words. And when the blocks tumble down, you can teach them to rebuild.

Flashcards are fun to have them work their memory while interacting and playing with you.

Finally, colour pencils, or crayons, and paper, can be the ultimate educational toy. They can learn to observe and draw what they see and imagine. They learn how to work colours together. And they get to make something for you.

What are the most popular toddler toys?

Toddlers love colourful sorting toys. We have wooden sorting toys with an array of colours and shapes, colourful eggs to sort into bowls and even jigsaw sorting toys. These help build problem-solving skills, and an understanding of colour and shapes, and begin the tactile learning journey for rough and smooth, rounded shapes and objects with hard corners.

Walking toys with activity centres are also a popular choice. Toddlers learning to walk and navigate their world, who just need a little bit of help, love them. And when they’ve “arrived”, they can play with shapes, ring bells and more.