The Ocamora Range is designed by hand to support your little ones open ended play environment.

Everything in the Ocamora range is hand carved from sustainable Lime Wood and the colorful hues are a result of vegetable-based paints and oils, meaning they're safe for even your littlest babes.

The Ocamora Toys are also developed to help your little ones Children develop those critical hand-eye coordination skills, balance skills and fine motor skills.  Sit back and watch as your little ones let their imaginations run wild with fun stacking blocks, trees and star stackers.

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Where can I buy Ocamora Toys?

You can shop our wide range of Ocamora Toys from our website. 

You can also visit our outlet at 12-16 Micro Circuit, Dandenong South, Victoria. We’re open Monday to Friday, 10 am – 2 pm.

Is the Ocamora range expensive?

The Ocamora range of wooden toys and blocks are hand-made in Spain. Your child could be playing with a set of 7 natural teniques for less than $100, and playing with a beautiful hand carved ranbow for around $150.

The value of these toys is in the experience and joy they bring to you and your children. These are unlike any other toys you’ll find, and your children can build a whole world of imagination and play for hours on end.

What are the different types of Ocamora Toys available ?

Why buy Ocamora Toys for your Little Ones?