Toys for Babies

Toys are vital for a baby’s mental and physical development, plus they can give your baby the biggest smiles as they have lots of fun. While the first few months of a newborn’s life seem to be about feeding and sleeping, and changing nappies, the playtime and joy they have with toys is just as important.

Tactile toys which allow babies to grip and shake, toys they can put into their mouths, all can help develop young brains, make links between objects and understand the world around them.

Keep it simple, of course, and join in. Get down on the ground with your baby. Hold some toys and have them track and follow with their eyes, reaching out with their hands, and smiling their big baby grins.

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Why buy baby toys?

With a wide variety of baby toys, you can encourage the different developmental stages of a baby. Switch between toys they can feel and shake and hear a sound, a toy that is hard and feels different to the touch. Then you can give a baby a toy that they can chew on too.

Always be prepared for a new phase in your baby’s growth and development with soft toys, noisy toys and colourful toys, all from My Happy Helpers.

What are the different types of baby toys?

My Happy Helpers has a startling variety of toys to give to your baby.

Colourful wooden toys, with different parts to grip and hold, coloured beads to spin around, and some quality wooden toys to shake and rattle.

You can pick up some wonderful soft toys, like bunnies, polar bears and llamas.

How about a baby gym, for when babies are laying on their mat, with dangling rings to bat around or grip on to?

Browse the extensive catalogue for a toy that is just right.

What are the benefits of toys for babies?

Babies benefit greatly from toys. It stimulates them and interests them, engaging them in play and learning at the same time. They can begin to understand shapes and colours, hard and soft, and learn about the world around them, all through play.

Discovering these things through toys, something which brings happiness, can make a lifelong connection between education and joy.

Things to consider when buying baby toys?

It is almost a certainty that a baby will try and put the toy into their mouth, so you want to make sure there are no tiny bits that can break off, or be detached. These can get lodged in little throats.

Those small pieces of toys can be hazardous in general. You want to check that the toys your baby loves are easy to hold, and won't come apart in their hands.

You also want to consider the paint used on toys. My Happy Helpers are proud to offer environmentally friendly toys, high-quality wooden toys which are all non-toxic.

A final thought on baby toys, they don’t have to be sophisticated and complicated. Simple wooden rattles, and wonderful soft toys, not only teach your baby about hard and soft fabrics, shapes and colours, but they’re just fun. Carrying around a cute stuffed llama is such a joy to behold.