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Le Toy Van

Le Toy Van are a small, family-run company who build wonderful toys for children.


Le Toy Van believe that childhood should be full of colour and wonder and fun, just like we do, and My Happy Helpers are so proud to be stocking their wooden toys.

All their toys are made from ethically sourced, sustainable tactile materials, so they’re good to touch and great to play with.

The high quality of their toys, such as their Lionheart Castle or their range of building blocks, can quickly see them become family heirlooms, and not just toys for all the youngsters to play with.


Shop our Le Toy Van Favourites



Imaginative Play

Honeybake Ice Cream and Treats Trolley


Babies and Toddlers

Petilou Wooden Beads


Imaginative Play

Vintage Phone


Imaginative Play

Petilou Lady Bird Binoculars - Yellow


Imaginative Play

Honeybee Wooden Market Stall


Babies and Toddlers

Petilou - Gears & Cogs Busy Bee Learning Puzzle


Imaginative Play

Honeybake Card Machine


Imaginative Play

Wooden Wagon



Noah's Great Ark


Babies and Toddlers

Petilou Andes Stacking Animals & Bag


Imaginative Play

Grandparent Set


Toy Vehicles

Daisylane Holiday Campervan


Toy Vehicles

Barbarossa Ship


Imaginative Play

Honeybake Cot Sleigh


Construction Play

Tool Box


Construction Play

My First Tool Bench


Imaginative Play

Le Grande Garage


Imaginative Play

Honeybake Ice Cream Set


Imaginative Play

Honeybake Chococcino Machine


Imaginative Play

Honeybake Cash Register


Imaginative Play

Lionheart Castle


Kitchen Play

Honeybake Ice Lollies


Kitchen Play

Honeybake Tea Set


Building Toys

Petilou 60pc Building Blocks Set & Bag




Why buy Le Toy Van for kids?

Le Toy Van toys look like toys from romantic ages past. High quality, colourful wooden toys for kids to play with, get the feel of shapes and more. There are toys for the youngest little darlings, like an activity walker while they learn to walk, or an activity cube when they’re learning how to control their hands, grasp things, learn the shapes of things.


Le Toy Vans toys are big and bold and brightly coloured. They are fun to look at and fun to play with. A big red kettle, with spots! A fun camera to play with that’s yellow, with stars! Or a bag of stackable animals, from the African wilds, or from the ocean! All solid wood, in bright colours with happy faces.

Le Toy Van will last for hours, for years, in the hands of your children, and the hands of their children too. They will form the foundations of many happy memories.

How much do Le Toy Van toys cost?

Good quality toys can cost a good penny as well. You are paying for top quality, well-renowned toys which help children learn and grow.

Stunning dollhouses, with a wide range of accessories, such as a bedroom set, a kitchen, an outdoor playset, even pets! The hours of imagination and story play that can grow from this is priceless.

You can even buy a toy box and encourage your children to tidy up their rooms after playtime. How much is that worth to you?

What are the different types of Le Toy Van toys?

The range of Le Van Toys is vast and wonderful. A traditional kind of rocking horse or a push along deer your youngest can ride on. We have a pram for their dolls or teddy, and a shopping cart to go shopping with too!

Dollhouses, Le Van Toys are renowned for their dolls houses. We have a Sweetheart Cottage, Sophie’s House, Mayberry Manor or the Bay Tree House for your kids to play with. And you can fill them with loads of accessories, such as a Master Bedroom set, a lovely drawing room playset, or a sitting room set.

And for the tiniest members of your family, learning about shapes and sounds, colours and movement, you can pick up a Gears and Cogs playset, colourful shapes and coloured blocks or a set of tactile wooden beads

So much fun for your family, toys for the kids, and that feeling that you’ve bought something that will last. Browse the collection, and pick up a gift today.

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