Wooden Rocket Ship Toys

Do you have a little one that loves all things to do with space, rockets and planets? Let’s pretend to be astronauts and fly to the moon with a wooden rocket ship! Fly to the stars and land on mars with the magnetic wooden rocket. A galaxy of adventure awaits the imagination with all our wooden rocket toys, magnetic stacking rocket ships with astronauts, playsets, moon vehicles and more! Catch a flight with one of our toy rockets before they fly off into space!


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What are the benefits of rocket toys for kids?

Each of our rocket toys for kids is designed to enhance your child’s curiosity in science and encourage creative role play. Our toy rockets will also help little ones to develop social skills during shared play with their space rockets. Our rocket ship toys will turn them into instant space explorers during playtime. These space rockets are perfect rocket toys for 3-year-olds. Consider them for your little one’s next birthday!

Wooden space rocket toys that mum and dad will love too!

Our beautiful space rocket toys are as visually appealing to parents as they are to little ones. With three fun options to choose from, there will definitely be a rocket ship toy that your little one would love to add to their collection! Our beautifully detailed wooden toy rocket from Bart u is an eye-catching rocket ship toy that the whole family is sure to love. This space rocket toy for kids is perfect for encouraging creative and imaginative play and to develop fine motor skills. The cosmic rocket set toy is perfect for the explorer in the family. A perfect rocket toy for 3-year-olds, it features an eye-catching space rocket, 3 astronauts, 2 space shuttles, 2 lunar vehicles, and accessories. It is a wonderful rocket ship toy that the whole family or a group of little friends can enjoy! If your little one is ready to go on a space adventure, our galactic set is a wonderful addition to their playroom. Each rocket ship toy set comes with a space-themed play mat, a flying saucer with a green alien pilot, a space shuttle, and a rocket in 3 parts.

Why buy wooden rocket ships for kids?

Flying to the moon, to the stars, is such a core fantasy for so many kids. Whooshing around the house with a paper plane, or one of our Quutopia toys is so much fun. Put an empty ice cream tub on their head for a space helmet and off they go to Mars! Playing with wooden rocket ships can fire up the love of science, of physics. It could grow your children into STEM subjects. Give your kids the joy of a wooden toy rockets and let them shoot for the moon and stars.

What are other popular toy vehicles similar to rocket ships?

These toys all offer opportunities for hands-on, imaginative play and help children to develop fine motor skills, spatial awareness, and creativity. My Happy Helpers offers similar popular toys for education like:

What are the different types of wooden rocket ships?

We have stackable rockets and full-on rocket playsets. You can latch onto a colourful stacking rocket or a magnetic stacking rocket too. Play with the crew, tiny space shuttles, and more with our Cosmic Rocket Set, or the Four-Stage Rocket Ship. Or you can build your own rocket ship bath toys!

Are wooden rocket ships expensive?

Compared to a flight to the moon? Not at all. When compared to the imagination of a child flying to a new world and making friends with aliens? Absolutely not! Our toys are lovingly handmade playsets with children in mind. Bright and colourful playsets, made with wood, a renewable resource. You can see these wooden toys lasting more than a lifetime, handed down through the family. You can fly to the stars from less than $40.