Toys For 4 Year Olds

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At My Happy Helpers, you can buy all sorts of toys specifically designed for your child at 4 years old. Whether you’re looking for wooden toys, educational toys or musical instrument toys, My Happy Helpers offers 4-year-old toys at all price points, ranging from our highly affordable, simple toys to our more expensive, deluxe toys.

There’s nothing better than a trusty toy to help nurture your child’s social, emotional and intellectual development, so get shopping today and see what you can find in our online catalogue!


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Our range of Toys for 4 Year old Kids will have your little ones entertained for hours on end ! 

Why buy toys for 4-year-olds?

4-year-olds are bursting with energy. Make-believe play, imagination and exploration are central to kids of this age group, and the toys at My Happy Helpers are the best way to unleash that inner creative side to your child and allow them to reach their full potential.


Whether they’ve started play group, kindergarten or child care, or they’re just about to, toys offer a unique way for kids to forge relationships with imaginary friends, navigating the possibility of other people having different wants, interests and desires to them. There are so many kinds of toys at My Happy Helpers that there is bound to be something for your child!


Are toys for 4-year-olds expensive?

Our toy collection features a wide variety of toys at different price points.

Affordable options cost as little as $20, and sometimes even less. This Air Powered Boat is just $6.95 and this Daisylane Pet Accessory Set comes in at just $19.95. Both will have your child playing for hours, exploring imaginary worlds on the open seas or with their favourite pets.

Larger toys, such as our iconic Log Truck or the Daisylane Cherry Tree Hall Doll House, are naturally more expensive due to their sophisticated designs, and you will be likely to pay anywhere between $80 and $500.


What are the different types of toys for 4-year-olds?

You can buy a range of different types of toys for your 4-year-old. Explore our collection of wooden toys, educational toys and music toy instruments designed specifically for 4-year-olds, and take home something your child will love.

If you find that they often tap their fingers on surfaces, a music toy instrument might offer an ideal way to improve their understanding of rhythm and beats. Alternatively, you might want to teach your child principles of counting or patterns, in which case, one of our educational toys is best suited to you.


Where can I buy Toys for my 4 year old ?

Look through our extensive online range of Toys fro 4 year olds and find the ones that will make your kids excited to get playing!

If you’re in the neighbourhood, why not drop in and visit us- 12-16 Micro Circuit, Dandenong South, Victoria. We’re open Monday to Friday, 10 am – 2 pm.

What are the benefits of our 4-year-old toys?

While there’s no doubt that children love playing at all stages of their development, toys for 4-year-olds can be particularly beneficial. A 4-year-old on the cusp of beginning school can be given a head start with our toys that are as educational as they are entertaining.

Not only will our wide range of 4-year-old toys stimulate their imagination and teach them about engaging in cooperative play, but they’ll also allow them to learn valuable skills like concentration and coordination. Whether you want to provide your youngster with wooden toys, construction toys or (almost) everything in between, you’ll find the highest quality pieces here at My Happy Helpers.


Wooden 4-year-old toys

There are several benefits to buying wooden toys for 4-year-olds. For starters, wooden toys are undoubtedly far more environmentally-friendly than their plastic counterparts, so you can be assured you’re helping the planet with your purchase.

On top of that, they’re also far more durable than plastic toys, guaranteeing they’ll go the distance as your 4-year-old ages. As for what your child will gain, wooden toys in the shapes of trains or cars will help improve their motor skills and encourage the use of their imagination to boot.


Gifts and presents for 4-year-olds

There are simply too many of our toys to name that would make great gifts for 4-year-olds. However, there are some items that we think would make particularly good presents.

If you’re looking for gift ideas for 4-year-olds, you can’t go wrong with art and craft sets. After all, gifting a child with art-related toys will encourage their creativity and self-expression and allow them to improve their concentration and patience. On top of that, educational toys like puzzles also make excellent birthday gifts for 4-year-olds. These toys encourage little tackers to think critically and gain spatial awareness along the way.


What are the best toys for 4-year-olds?

Among the best toys for 4-year-olds are construction items like building blocks. Much more than just a group of objects for your kiddo to knock over (although that’s plenty of fun, too), these toys also help develop their spatial skills and shape recognition.

What’s more, construction toys are often used in group scenarios with other children, allowing your kid to improve their social skills and teamwork. In addition to construction toys, you also can’t underestimate the power of soft toys in bringing out your child’s imagination through roleplay. Acting out social scenarios will lead to your kiddo naturally growing their emotional intelligence just in time for starting school.


What are the most popular toys for 4-year-olds?

One of the most popular and fun toys for 4-year-olds is a toy vehicle. By that, we don’t just mean cars but also trains, boats and planes. This variety of toy vehicles will enable your little one’s imagination to run wild as they race and zoom items around a track.

Along with just being plain exciting, these toys also help to build cognitive and motor skills. Another popular item for this age group is outdoor play toys like kid-friendly garden tools. These products make great toys for 4-year-olds as they encourage kids to enjoy some time in the great outdoors as they learn new skills.