Wooden Animal Toys

Indulge your little ones love for animals with our cute and quirky wooden animal toys!

Looking for wooden animals to delight and engage your little ones? You’ve come to the right place at My Happy Helpers.

High-quality wooden animals are both an aesthetically pleasing addition to any toy box and a surefire way to encourage your child’s developing imagination. We’ve got toys that represent (almost) all of the animal kingdom, including wooden farm animals, sea creatures and even dinosaurs.

Whether you’d prefer to purchase individual items to mix and match or are in the market for a full set, you’ll exactly find what you’re after by checking out our online range today.

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Shop our range of wooden animals for the best prices and animal toys in Australia


Are your little ones big fans of animal toys?

They will definitely love our selection of farm animal toys and wooden animal toys!

Our wooden animals are carefully produced using only child-friendly, non-toxic paints and materials. Each character is made to easily fit into little hands that are ready to venture into the wild with their new wooden play animal pals. Our sweet wooden animals make for amazing gifts and will definitely be a hit with your little ones.

So, browse our farm animal toys and wooden animal toys to find sweet characters that your child will love for years to come!

Our children's wooden toys are educational, great fun, safe and excellent quality.

Storage options for wooden play animals

We know that having storage for sweet animal toys will make keeping everything nice and neat easier, which is why we offer display shelf sets too – they are perfect to display when playtime is over for the day and your child’s little animal toys need to be stored safely.

These small wooden animals will be stored safely and will be ready for the next day when play resumes.

Discover a whole new animal kingdom with our range of wooden animal toys

If you are looking for high-quality animal toys for kids and farm animal toys, this is the perfect place to start.

Our wooden play animals feature unique designs that will capture little ones’ imaginations and inspire them to create sweet scenarios for each small wooden animal.

From birds and beaks to hooves, fins and paws, and of course dinosaurs too, our wooden animal toys offer a wide variety of easily recognisable characters to choose from.

Perfect for small world play, our animal toys for kids encourage little ones’ imaginative play and are fantastic for fine motor skill development too. Each little animal is handcrafted using quality products and non-toxic paints that are child-safe and won’t cause any harm.

Why buy wooden animals for kids?

Not only are wooden animal toys among the cutest toys on the market, but they’re also some of the most beneficial to your kiddo’s development. The varying shapes and sizes of wooden animals allow your child to hone their fine motor skills as they learn to grip with ease.

On top of the physical benefits, they also encourage children to engage their imaginations while picturing their toys in the jungle, farm or sea. Importantly, our range of wooden play animals are made with non-toxic paint and materials, so you can be assured that your child is as safe as they are entertained while playing.


Are wooden animals expensive?

Our wooden animals range from budget-friendly to the more extravagant. We stock dozens of single wooden animal toys at almost ridiculously low prices, like this Penquin ($3.95) and this Lion ($4.95).

If you’re more of a ‘go big or go home’ kind of person when it comes to present buying, then we also stock several sets filled to the brim with wooden animals. This set of 13 farm animals ($59.95) is perfect for roleplaying life on the farm, while this Safari Animal set ($84.95), complete with a display shelf, will transport children to the African jungle in an instant.


What are the different types of wooden animals?

While wooden animals may not seem like the most varied of toys, our versatile range offers plenty to pick and choose from. This Farmyard Animals set comes with a display shelf that is both aesthetically pleasing and handy when it comes to clearing up. In the market for a particular type of animal set to complete your kid’s collection?

Take a look at this set of Coastal Animals or this collection of Safari creatures. We even sell wooden environments to go with the animals, like this super cute Dino Marina set.