Kids Toys

A child’s life needs to be filled with toys, and My Happy Helpers has plenty of quality and enriching toys for kids.

So much can be learned through play, such as spatial awareness, gross motor and fine motor skills. With toys, kids can learn to count and spell. They can build castles with blocks and then smash them down.

Kids can learn social interaction by playing with their friends and creating a common narrative, with dolls houses, wooden train sets and farmyard playsets.

My Happy Helpers has a wide range of kids' toys to help build confidence, get them exercising, creating brand new works of art and most of all - having fun.

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What are the benefits of kids' toys?


There are so many benefits to kids' toys, and kids playing with a wide variety of toys during their formative years.

  • Encourages Creativity - increased online and screen time is reducing the ability to be creative in kids. Solutions are available with a quick search. Toys and puzzles can’t be solved through online search. Kids need to think about and rationalise solutions, and create their own narratives.

  • Problem Solving Skills- this creativity helps increase their ability to solve problems and find their own solutions.

  • Can increase IQ and make learning fun - learning through play is the best way to learn. It makes understanding and acquiring knowledge fun for the kids. Add in their attempts to explain their toys and their play to you, which helps them cement this understanding, and boosts their IQ.

  • Improved Concentration - unlike online learning, where it is clicking and reward and move along, kid's toys encourage more prolonged engagement and help kids focus on their play for longer periods of time.

Why buy kids' toys online?

Buying online can be easier for you than walking the aisles at a toy store with a kid running from toy to toy. The pester power of children is incredible and could have you buying something they want, rather than something you want for your child.


You can check availability online too. No need to drive to a store to find something that isn’t in stock. Email My Happy Helpers, and we can check if we can get a toy in for you or not.

It is also easier to surprise your kids with toys when they don’t see you buying them. Birthdays and Christmas can deliver you the happiest of children, and reward you with big, beaming smiles on their faces.

What are the most popular toys for kids?

At My Happy Helpers, the range of wooden toys we have are by far our best sellers. Building blocks and construction blocks in rainbow colours are always favourites and have children playing for hours.

The range of imaginative play sets are also a good seller, with collections of farm animals, jungle animals and marine life engaging the children in play and teaching them about animals from around the world.

We’ve also found the kids love to play and solve puzzles. My Happy Helpers have animal puzzles, puzzles with unicorns, fairies, outer space and more. These toys really get the kids working their growing minds to problem solve, match up shapes and learn about the world.

You’ll find many popular toys wherever you look online at My Happy Helpers.

What are the different types of kid's toys?

You can find many different kidneys of kids' toys inside the My Happy Helpers store. If they are energetic and need to run around and have fun, we have balance bikes and climbing frames. This helps with coordination and gross muscle skills.

You can give your kids some puzzles to engage the problem-solving parts of their brains. You can start them off with 100-piece puzzles, and build them up to 1000-piece puzzles. The level of accomplishment will grow with them.

If you want to encourage their creative play, we have tool benches, kitchen playsets, art stations and more.

My Happy Helpers also has a wonderful range of dollhouses and accessory packs. These inspire stories and narratives and are perfect for social play too.