Wooden Baby Walker

Wooden Walkers for little ones that are ready to take on the world!

We think one of those timeless memories in every family’s life is seeing a child with a wooden baby walker, bashing around the house at a breakneck speed.

They can almost walk, they can hold themselves up with their wooden walker, and they have such a gleeful look on their faces. Wonderful. Your little ones can push around an activity cart, with shapes and colours, dials to turn and things to spin. You can have them pushing a fire engine or even riding one.


You can carry colourful blocks, or dolly, or teddy bear, even your pet dog or cat in one of the wooden baby walker toys. There’s a photo opportunity. Encourage safety with your young ones and help them keep steady on their feet with a wooden walker. Pick one with some coloured blocks or a walker that can carry toys. Perhaps fill the walker with some of our other wooden toys for the best present ever?!

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When it comes to wooden baby walkers, My Happy Helpers has a wonderful range to choose from to keep little ones happy and mobile as they strut their stuff and take charge of where they will be going to for their next adventure.

With comfortable handlebars designed for little hands to easily grip, each of the wooden walkers in our range will provide wonderful experiences to make learning to walk and being more steady on their feet a whole lot of fun for little ones.

It’s always amazing, that time just before your toddler learns to walk. They stand themselves up by holding onto coffee tables or hands. Give them a wooden walker, and they can support themselves and learn the motor skills of using their legs to move around.

Wooden walkers are great, not only for helping kids learn to walk but also for carrying their teddy bears or packing up their toys, even activity boards to help learn shapes and colours.

We have bright colourful walkers, some with animal faces, some with activities, even one that looks like a fire engine!

Wooden baby walkers are designed for mobility and playtime convenience

Whether you prefer a classic wooden baby walker for your little one or want to stretch the longevity of their walkers by getting walker prams and wooden walkers with storage space, there are more than enough options in the My Happy Helpers’ range to get a perfect fit for your little ones.

Our walker wagons are perfect for little ones that want to take their favourite teddies for a stroll or adventure through the garden and are available in a variety of designs, such as fire engines and Kinderfeets walker wagons.

Our sorter walker wagons will be an ultimate treat as little ones will not only get fun wooden walkers to enjoy, but also get to exercise their fine motor skills too as they sort their little blocks and slot them into the right shaped holes on their wagons!

Why are Walker Wagons good for my Toddler ?

Thanks to their smart designs, our wooden walkers have incredible longevity that will transform them from first-time walkers to fun playtime accessories that kids can use as part of educational play or even as storage options in their bedrooms for teddies and books.

Our children's wooden toys are educational, great fun, safe and excellent quality.

Browse our incredible range of wooden walkers today and be sure to let us know if you have any questions!

Why buy wooden walkers for kids?

Wooden walkers for kids are perfect at getting them to use their gross motor skills, to work their walking muscles safely. They’re supported by the walker and can learn to move around their space, without the fear of falling over, much.


They can also be an item of ownership for your children, especially with the toy carts we have. Children can bring their own toys with their own walker, and then tidy them up, take responsibility for their toys with their walker. This instills some important character traits which they will use as they grow into adulthood.

Are wooden walkers expensive?

You will be paying a good amount of money for a good, solid walking frame. They are lovingly crafted and made from environmentally sound materials. Trees can be replanted and grown anew.


You’ll also be paying for an activity centre, where your child can play with shapes and colours and other activities which show them coordination and problem-solving skills.

What you’re buying your child is so much more than a wooden walker to hold onto.

What are the different types of wooden walkers?

My Happy Helpers has a range of wooden walkers to suit any child with a huge amount of imagination. We have activity walkers with dials and switches and coloured blocks, and a walker in red, even a walker which is an activity bench.


You can have a walker with coloured blocks to make a castle, or full to the brim with blocks as colourful as the walker itself.

You can have a fire engine or an ice cream cart that doubles as a ride-on cart. We have animal walkers such as cows and bunny rabbits, wooden walker prams as well.

Watch your children grow and learn and walk and run, all with the help of My Happy Helpers.