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Three Great Reasons to Buy a Trybike Australia

At some point in every child's life, bike riding becomes a normal part of playtime. There are so many bicycles available for kids, but one bike stands out: the Trybike.

Here are three reasons to consider buying your children the ever popular Trybike.


Safety First

Trybike has no pedals, no gears, or any of the typical bicycle features that can appear unsafe for a child and potentially cause injuries. It teaches balance by allowing the rider to push themselves forward and rest their feet on the unique footrest. The Trybike offers better balance for children because of its sturdy build, unlike the typical bike with training wheels, which can make the ride wobblier.

Another noticeable feature of the Trybike is how close to the ground the the turning circle sits, meaning a smaller fall distance for beginner riders. Combined with a helmet, this makes Trybike one of the safest bicycles for children today.


Your Trybike can be used for years to come 

A Trybike can be used by kids from the age of 15 months all the way through to 6 years because it allows for easy height adjustments. The seat range is 26cm to 47cm, and the handlebar also has two height adjustable levels.

Trybikes are built from weatherproof wood or steel and come with extra-wide tyres that can handle uneven surfaces, allowing the rider to cruise instead of peddling.


The Trybike allows for an easy transition to Pedal Bike

It may come as a surprise to know that once a child is fully confident riding a balance bike, they can master a regular pedal bike in under 10 minutes without the need... Read More