Shop our range of Trybikes right here in Australia, now available in all your favourite colours

My Happy Helpers has TryBikes, for the little kids who want to ride fast, zoom through the park with you, and are learning balance and coordination.

Kids get to engage their gross motor functions, pushing themselves along and keeping themselves balanced. Give them a kids sized helmet, and they can be little daredevils!

We have a tremendous array of colours to choose from, in brown or pink, bright blue or even a classic white.


Trybikes are a great stepping stone into riding bikes for real. They are made strong and sturdy and will last for many days of fun.

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Three Great Reasons to Buy a Trybike Australia

At some point in every child's life, bike riding becomes a normal part of playtime. There are so many bicycles available for kids, but one bike stands out: the Trybike.

Trybike are known for their Safety First Approach, their longevity and the easy transition to a pedal bike.


Where can I buy a TryBike?

Look through our extensive online range of Kids Bikes and TryBikes and find the one that will make your kids excited to get out and explore the neighbourhood.

If you’re in the neighbourhood, why not drop in and visit us- 12-16 Micro Circuit, Dandenong South, Victoria. We’re open Monday to Friday, 10 am – 2 pm.

Why buy a TryBike for Kids ?

Trybikes are a natural evolution towards riding big bikes. You start with a three-wheeled bike and then get your kids onto a Trybike. They can learn to engage their core muscles for balance, and gross motor skills for coordination.

These bikes are not restricted to bike paths either. With their big wheels and sturdy frames, your kids can run them around the backyard, in parks and on ovals.


Family picnic? Get the kids racing around on their very own Trybike.

Are Trybikes expensive?

There is an old adage about you paying for quality. The Trybikes that we sell, are of solid construction and able to handle a lot of playtime hours. Plus, you’re getting two bikes in one.

These toddler play machines can start life off as trikes, with three wheels and easy balance. As your kids get better and more coordinated, you can switch it up to a two-wheeled bicycle. This eases your children into riding a bike, without the fear of falling off and hurting themselves.

It also means when they’re ready for the real thing, you can hand the trike back down to your next child, or donate it to another family or friend.

The Trybike Steel teaches children to ride from 18 months of age. The first setting is the low tricycle mode which offers children lots of support and helps them develop much needed gross motor skills.

You can then convert the trybike to a balance bike, so that the next stage of riding can begin. With the unique footrest, children learn balance, and consequently learn to ride a pedal bike without even using training wheels.

Considering a TryBike can last for years, the expense is minimal.

What are the different types of TryBikes?

We have two main styles of Balance and Move bikes for your kids.


The first is our 4-in-1 wooden bike, in a range of seat saddle and chin protector colours. These are safety tested for kids up to 18 months.

You can have a low tricycle setting, for kids needing support while they learn to walk, or a high tricycle setting when they’re more confident and moving faster, but still need help with the balance.

Once your kids are better at running and riding, you can convert the trike into a bike! Low settings for when they can walk and run, but still need a bit of balance help. Finally, the high setting, for when they’re almost ready to pedal a real bike.

Our other Trybike is a vintage style bike, in some wicked colours- bright racing red, wonderful pink, cool blue, and more.


Much like our other Trybike, this has both a three-wheeled and a two-wheeled option, giving your child a much longer time learning to ride and balance.

Get your kids mobile and outside, exercising and having fun. Teach them how to ride a bike, get them learning balance skills and gross motor skills.

Click through, add to cart and have an awesome time with your kids!

Are Trybikes Safe?

Safety First

Trybike has no pedals, no gears, or any of the typical bicycle features that can appear unsafe for a child and potentially cause injuries. It teaches balance by allowing the rider to push themselves forward and rest their feet on the unique footrest. The Trybike offers better balance for children because of its sturdy build, unlike the typical bike with training wheels, which can make the ride wobblier.

Another noticeable feature of the Trybike is how close to the ground the the turning circle sits, meaning a smaller fall distance for beginner riders. Combined with a helmet, this makes Trybike one of the safest bicycles for children today.


Your Trybike can be used for years to come 

A Trybike can be used by kids from the age of 15 months all the way through to 6 years because it allows for easy height adjustments. The seat range is 26cm to 47cm, and the handlebar also has two height adjustable levels.

Trybikes are built from weatherproof wood or steel and come with extra-wide tyres that can handle uneven surfaces, allowing the rider to cruise instead of peddling.


The Trybike allows for an easy transition to Pedal Bike

It may come as a surprise to know that once a child is fully confident riding a balance bike, they can master a regular pedal bike in under 10 minutes without the need for training wheels.

It takes little time for them to master how to balance and steer, so all they need is to figure out how to pedal, which is very easy to do.

As soon as your child gets confident in their Trybike, it will easily be their favourite bike.