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Climbing Frames

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WALNUT Bambino

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Wooden Boat Rocker and Climber

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Shape Sorter Black Board Cube

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Pikler Blackboard


Strong, stable & lightweight, we stock Australia's best Climbing Frames

Kids love to climb. They love to explore and to reach new heights – or, as mum and dad would know it, feeling on top of the world when they come to the highest point of their climbing frames. So, why not spoil them with the ultimate climbing frame with a difference: a Montessori-inspired climbing frame!

What is a kids climbing frame?

My Happy Helpers’ range of Australian owned climbing frames are designed with playtime fun and gross motor skills development in mind. Constructed from joint bars that allow children to climb up and explore, each of our wooden climbing frames are made to be age-appropriate and to support little ones at various stages of their physical and cognitive development.

Our range of wooden climbing frames includes folding triangles, wall and slides, a scramble net, play cube and ladder. Whichever age your child is, you will be sure to find a design that they will love to have in their bedroom, playroom or even for outdoor play!

Important: When browsing through our selection of wooden climbing frames, be sure to check the age recommendation per product to ensure it is suited for your child. If you are unsure where to start, we are only a phone call or email away, so let us know if you need help to make your selection.

Australian owned wooden climbing frames

Why should you buy a Montessori Climbing frame?

Our kids climbing frames are crafted based on the Montessori principles of movement and cognition – truly making them Montessori climbing frames. Investing in these type of climbing frames will help your child to learn while having fun and moving – in a safe, prepared environment where they can thrive and learn through... Read More

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