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Kids Garden Sets

Shop Australia's Favourite range of Kids Gardening Tools, Gardening Sets and all things garden tools ! 

Encouraging your kids to get out into the garden is a fantastic way to enhance their learning and help them to explore the environment in which they live.

Gardening with your kids, and buying them their very own Gardening Sets is a fantastic way for kids to develop an interest in the food that they are eating and encourage sustainable practices early on in life.



Shop our Best Selling Range of Gardening Kits for Kids

Coconut Shell Water Scoop


Wooden Surround Hand Lens


Two Hand Magnifier Glass

Sold Out

Kids Bench - 3 seater


My First Giant Bug Viewer


Metal Mighty Wheelbarrow

Sold Out

Metal Mighty Mower

Sold Out

Garden Wheelbarrow Set


Kid's Royal Park Bench

Sold Out


Sold Out

Watering Can


Tide Pool Set - Blue


Nature Play Cards


Lady Bug Flower Press


Action Lawn Mower


John Deere Power Trimmer - Whipper Snipper


John Deere Power Trimmer - Hedge Trimmer


John Deere Rolly Wheel Barrow

Sold Out

Cane Gardening Basket

Sold Out

Coco Basket

Sold Out

Lady Bug House


Shop Collections similar to Kids Gardening Sets

We sell a broad range of Kids gardening Toys, including wheel barrows, Kids Gardening tool sets, Pretend Chainsaws, and Whipper Snippers, we even have a large range of John Deere Outdoor Trucks, Tractors and Farming machinery

Why Buy Kids Gardening Sets?

Where to buy Children's Garden Sets ?

You can browse our online store and place an order to be dispatched next day, or you can drop into into our warehouse and pick up some Children's Lawn Mowing and Pretend play toys at 12-16 Micro Circuit, Dandenong South, Victoria.

We’re open Monday to Friday, 10 am – 2 pm.

What do Kids Garden Tools Cost ?

Our Kids gardening tools and sets start from $9.95 for our coconut shell water scoop.

We have Wheel Barrows from $59.95 and Kids Lawn Mowers from $64.95

You’re also buying quality. Someone has built these toys with their bare hands, with love, and it shows in the quality of the product.

What are the different types of Kids gardening Tools ?

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