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Kids Dining Chairs

Shop Australia's most comfortable Kids Dining Chairs ! 

Is your toddler too big, or too restless for a high chair but not yet big enough to sit safely at the dining table without a booster chair or cushion ? My Happy Helpers Dining Chairs for Kids are the perfect solution.


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Furniture & Décor

GroChair - Adjustable Toddler Dining Chair



Furniture & Décor

GroChair - Island Bench Seat for Toddler


Cube Weaning Table & Chairs
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Cube Weaning Table & Chairs



Furniture & Décor

Cube Weaning Chair


Hi-Lo Chair
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Furniture & Décor

Hi-Lo Chair


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Our range of Toddler & Kids Dining Chairs will have your kids participating in meals like never before ! 

Hand crafted from beautiful solid beech wood and finished with a faux leather padded seat, this children's dining chair is designed for ease of use (and easy cleaning) and encourages your children to participate in family meal times by being present at the table and at the same height as his or her parents and siblings.

As your toddler grows, you can safely adjust the seat height meaning your little one can continue to use their GroChair until they can safely sit in an adult chair on their own.


Why buy a Dining Chair for Kids ?

Mealtimes can be stressful enough without having to worry about what type of chair your little one can safely sit in ! A Kids Dining Chair is an all in one solution that replaces a regular chair at the dining table. 


Raising your child to eye level with other adults and siblings in your family means they will feel more included and will more like engage and enjoy meal times. Gone are the days of trying to force feed, with their very own dining chair, your little one will be begging to eat at the table.

Where to buy a Toddler Dining Chair ?

You can browse our online store and pick out a kids dining chair for next day dispatch, or you can drop into our warehouse, 12-16 Micro Circuit, Dandenong South, Victoria.

We’re open Monday to Friday, 10 am – 2 pm.

Are Kids Dining Chairs Expensive ?

Our Toddler Dining Chairs, crafted from superior beech wood, varnished to ensure longevity and padded with Faux Leather Seats, start from as low as $119.

The memories made with your little one, sharing meals and conversations at the dining table are priceless. 

The TIME that will be invested in teaching your little one food etiquette and watching them experience textures and tastes, laughing and enjoying family meal times together, will surely be a wonderful return on investment.


What are the different types of Kids Dining Chairs ?

There are a few different types of kids dining chairs - depending on your needs.

If you're looking for something to use when you're out and about, the a portable booster could be the answer. 


Alternatively if you're looking for a Dining Chair Solution for your home, then you can choose between two different heights.


One being a Dining Chair for Island Bench Tops or Bar Benches and the other being a Toddler Chair for standard height Dining Tables. 

If your Child is still young, you may choose to consider a seat with a built in safety restraint, however if you're looking for something to encourage independence in your child, then the My Happy Helpers Dining Gro Chairs are the perfect solution. 


Another alternative for young children is the Montessori Weaning Chair and Table Sets which have gained in popularity as the Montessori Movement has gained more traction and become more mainstream. Like the GroChairs, these Weaning tables also encourage your little ones to practice their independence as they can come and go as they please. 

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