Kids Dining Chairs

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Make breakfast, lunch and dinner comfortable for your little ones with our kids dining chairs

Is your toddler stuck in that in-between stage of a high chair and a dining chair?  Is he or she too big, or too restless for a high chair but not yet big enough to safely sit at the dining table without a booster or cushion ? My Happy Helpers Gro Chairs are the perfect solution.

Our range of toddler & kids dining chairs

Hand crafted from beautiful solid beech wood and finished with a faux leather padded seat, this dining chair is designed for ease of use (and easy cleaning) and encourages your children to participate in family meal times by being present at the table and at the same height as his or her parents and siblings. As your toddler grows, you can safely adjust the seat height meaning your little one can continue to use their GroChair until they can safely sit in an adult chair on their own.