ELC Toys

ELC toys (Early Learning Centre Toys), are a brand that creates toys for young children and early learners.

Bright, bold colours, elements of noise and sound too. They’re great to hold and play with, helping coordinate gross muscle function and finer motor skills.

Learning through play is one of the best ways for your children to learn. Memories become imprinted stronger when there is a positive emotional attachment- having fun and smiling.

Have them build towers and smash them down again with squeezy stacking blocks—bright and colourful and also a tactile experience.

Help them learn their ABC’s while playing with a fun, wooden pull-along train.

Explore all the great ELC toys in stock and give your youngest and brightest a head start into school life.

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Why buy ELC toys for kids?


The sooner your kids learn about the world and their place in it, the better. Doing in a way that is fun and joyous is the best way to do it.

ELC toys began creating toys for young kids way back in 1974. They’ve had many years to perfect the art of toys that engage a young person on many levels—sights and sounds, colours too. Give them a tactile experience

How much do ELC toys cost?

Early Learning Centre toys cost more than a toy car from the local store, but this is for a reason. These toys are specially designed to engage the curious minds of your youngest as they grow into kinder. It is an investment into your child’s educational future.

Less than $40 for sensory stacking rings with different textures and colours to switch the mind on. Less than $30 for a 3 pack of sensory balls that are fun to throw to your friends or roll around, but also full of soft sensations, rubbery feels and more.

What are the different types of ELC toys?

The range of toys from the Early Learning Centre is broad. The number of ways your children can interact and play with them is just as comprehensive.

Have some playful problem solving combined with colour and texture with the chain-link toy. You can have a play station suitable for a toddler with the Wooden Activity Workbench, with shapes to match, tools to play with, things to hammer and smash. So much fun!

Take the tactile experience to the next level with an ELC Sand and Water table. Build sandcastles, splash around, make mud pies!

You can even get the toddlers up and about, exercising and getting the blood pumping with the tennis zoomer game.

Browse all the wonderful toys and opportunities to educate your kids with play, thanks to My happy Helpers.