Children’s Mindfulness and Wellbeing Toys

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Kids of all ages can benefit from mindfulness

Children of all ages can benefit from mindfulness, which is the simple practice of bringing a gentle, accepting attitude to the present moment. Practicing mindfulness techniques from an early age can also help children to develop a natural growth mindset.

Can Mindfulness help children and toddlers to feel empowered?

Mindfulness helps to give your little ones the confidence to try new things and venture out of their comfort zone. It can also help to reduce anxiety when toddlers make mistakes or feel uncomfortable. Encouraging our toddlers and children to engage in mindfulness helps to offer them a relief from whatever difficulties they might be encountering in life and forms early behaviours that go on to promote positive wellbeing as an adult.

What is yoga for kids?

Yoga for Toddlers and Children is becoming increasingly popular as experts are starting to recognise that whilst it helps to develop your little one’s strength and flexibility, it also has a large number of other benefits.


What are these other benefits of yoga for kids?

Yoga has a number of proven emotional benefits. Some of these benefits include improving self-regulation, teaching your kids to use their breath to calm big emotions, improving empathy and self-confidence and improving concentration and balance.


Our Yoga Cards for kids are a great starting point to introduce your child to yoga;

Proving to be a fantastic tool for parents and teachers who want to encourage the children in their lives to practice different yoga poses and embrace the concept of mindfulness from a very young age.

Learn more about health and wellbeing activities for kids

My Happy Helpers are passionate about promoting wellbeing, self confidence and self-worth within our little ones. To help you navigate this often confusing area of learning and play, we have hand selected a few items that we believe will be especially useful in your parenting toolbox and super beneficial for your kids. Some of these items include adorable Toddler Yoga Cards, My Feelings Set, Kids Affirmation Cards and more. Please feel free to email our friendly team to find out more.