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Pick up some speed and gain valuable balancing skills with a Mini Micro Scooter

Has your little one got a need for speed? At around two years old, your child will be running around the house, scaling stairs (with the aid of the handrail, of course) and working on their major muscles for a lifetime of activities ahead.

By now, you may have them zooming around a balance bike preparing them for their future two-wheeled bicycle, helping them develop the necessary balance and coordination skills they need to ride around without help. If that’s the case, they may have developed a taste for the wind rushing through their hair and riding around the backyard as fast as they can!

If you’re looking for more ways to encourage your child’s love of playing outdoors,, we recommend investing in a Mini Micro Scooter!

Sourced from Micro Scooters Australia & New Zealand, our range of Mini Micro Scooters is sure to thrill toddlers and children alike! Available in a huge range of vibrant colours and sizes, these scooters come with incredible safety features to keep your child safe as they zoom around the yard.

Your little one will love spending hours on end scooting about the place or even going on a scooter ride with mum or dad around the neighbourhood. You won’t believe how much happiness a Mini Micro Scooter can bring – so shop the range online now with My Happy Helpers!

We offer fast and free shipping on eligible orders over $199 as well as flexible payment options like Afterpay, so you can scoot now and pay later.

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About Micro Scooters Australia

If you’re looking for mini scooters from a wholesome, high-quality brand, look no further than Micro Scooters Australia & New Zealand. Back in 2006, one of the founders of Micro Scooters Australia bought his three-year-old daughter a Micro Mini Scooter and he was instantly impressed by the quality, as well as how happy it made his daughter.

He recalls a cold Christmas in London watching the kids zoom around on their scooters.

“Every child there, aged from 2 to 7, had a Micro scooter. After lunch all the dads – me included – took the kids out for a ride. We might have gone a kilometre or more, far further than some of the kids could have walked without having a tantrum but on the scooters they were happy. I guess a light went on for me then.”

Soon after, the two founders got in touch with Micro Scooters in Switzerland and soon enough, Micro Scooters Australia & New Zealand was born. Now, Micro Scooters Australia has more than 300 retailers – including My Happy Helpers!

We have partnered with Micro Scooters Australia to bring happiness to children all over the country. Here at My Happy Helpers, we love the colourful designs, the innovative safety features and all the joy they bring to children of all ages.

We couldn’t have said it better than the founders themselves:

“The greatest strength of this business is the product itself. Children are the toughest and most honest customers you'll ever have – you can't tell a three year old child to enjoy themselves. Just how much kids love Micro Scooters is a testament to their brilliant design. The best advertising for Micro scooters is always just someone riding one – and loving it.”

Browse through our extensive collection of Micro Scooters online today! We have loads of colours, models and sizes to choose from.


What are the benefits of a Mini Micro Scooter ?

Micro Scooters Australia offers the highest quality scooters on the market. With incredible safety features and an intuitive design to help toddlers and kids learn to ride with ease, there are a huge range of benefits to investing in a Mini Micro Scooter


  • An intuitive “lean and steer” system: this innovative design allows your child to learn balance and coordination at their own pace, and with ease. It’s a simple way for toddlers and kids to learn the basics and improve their motor skills during playtime.

  • Lightweight: thanks to the super lightweight design of the Mini Micro Scooter, your little one can manage pavements, steps and doorways without help from mum or dad.  

  • Sensitive brakes: as your child learns how to ride a scooter, they will gain a lot from learning how to use the brakes, too. With this in mind, Micro Scooters Australia has introduced sensitive brakes so your child can slow down with the slightest pressure on the brake handles. Plus, the brakes will bring your child to a gentle halt rather than a shocking stop!  

  • Anodised finish: of course, scooters spend a lot of time in the Great Outdoors, so it’s important for your child’s scooter to be resistant to rust. Micro Scooters come with a durable anodised finish so they will stay fresh, colourful and functional for years to come (even after a scooter ride in the rain).  

  • Quality non-marking wheels: if you’re worried about cleaning tyre marks off the driveway, then don’t panic! Mini Micro Scooters have non-marking wheels so your child can zoom around the driveway without leaving marks for you to clean up later.  

  • Sturdy non-slip deck: as a parent, you’re no doubt concerned about trips and falls. No one likes a scrape but Micro Scooters Australia has thought of this too! The Mini Micro Scooter comes with a silicon non-slip deck so your child feels safe and secure on their scooter. Plus, the deck is low to the ground so they can push themselves along and remain confident while riding.

  • Multiple colours and styles available: at My Happy Helpers, we stock a huge range of Micro Scooters to match your child’s skill level and even their favourite colour. Available in blue, black, aqua, pink, purple, red and yellow, you can find a tiny scooter to capture your child’s heart. Plus, we have both two-wheel and three-wheel options so your little one can learn how to ride at their own pace.


Surprise your child with a brand new scooter from My Happy Helpers today! We have flexible payment options like Afterpay – it’s never been more affordable to encourage your child’s fitness and development.

Is my child old enough for a Micro Scooter?

Generally speaking, kids are normally ready for a balance bike, trike or scooter at around two years old. Mini Micro Scooters are suitable for kids aged two to five who are up to 110cm tall and 35 kilograms in weight – plus, with the innovative safety features, you can rest assured knowing your little one is ready for their very first scooter.

We always recommend monitoring your child while they’re using a scooter and ensuring they always wear a helmet to protect them in case of a fall. We stock heaps of helmets in fun designs including space-themed helmets, unicorn helmets, paisley patterned helmets and 3D dinosaur helmets – horns included!

Mini Micro Scooters weigh just 1.9 kilograms, making them very easy to manage for two to five year olds. This also makes it easier for mums and dads to load their child’s scooter into the back of the car after a scoot around the local park.

Should I choose a two or three-wheeled Mini Micro Scooter for my child?

In the end, whether you decide on a two or three-wheeled Mini Micro Scooter is up to personal preference.

If your child is new to the concept of scooting, however, we recommend opting for the three-wheeled model. This model provides more balance and support for little ones who are just starting out or don’t have the confidence for a two-wheeled scooter yet.


Both two and three-wheeled scooters from Micro Scooters Australia come packed with innovative safety features, so either way, you can rest assured knowing your little one is safe scooting around the house, the backyard or even the local park.

Browse the collection online, or if you’re feeling unsure about what scooter is best for your child, feel free to get in touch with our team! You can call us on 0478776611, contact us online or send us a message via the live chat button in the bottom right-hand corner of the page. We’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Do you stock Micro Scooter options for older children and adults?

We sure do! Along with our Mini Micro Scooters, we also stock the Micro Classic (available in black and white), Micro Flex Air (ideal for rough asphalt and bumpier tracks) and the Micro Cruiser (available in aqua, black, blue, pink and purple – ideal for ages five to ten years old).


We also have adorable Micro Scooter Bundles available featuring the Micro Classic and the Micro Mini Deluxe Scooter! Perfect for a Mother’s Day or Father’s Day gift, you and your little one can both get something fun to share. Head out together for the day and scoot around the neighbourhood.


Don’t forget your helmets!

Shop Micro Scooters Australia online at My Happy Helpers

Ready to pick up some speed and explore the Great Outdoors on a scooter? Shop Mini Micro Scooters and more online with My Happy Helpers! We have multiple models, colours and sizes available to choose from, as well as helmets to make your outdoor adventures safer.


>Browse the range and check out online! We offer free shipping on eligible orders over $199 and flexible payment options like Afterpay.