Push & Pull Along Toys

Pull Along Toys

Many parents are amazed at the newfound joy a pull along toy brings to their child.

At My Happy Helpers, you can shop for a range of push and pull along toys for your kids, which they will take with them wherever they go. Shop for small, affordable toys displaying your child’s new favourite bunny, alligator or unicorn, or check out our collection of toy walkers, strollers and trolleys which can become the home to your child’s other toys.

If you’re interested in other toys and equipment your child can take with them over long distances, take a look at our kids scooters, try bikes and balance bikes, too!

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Let your little ones discover all the fun of push pull toys

Pull along toys are some of the best toys toddlers can have – they are perfect playtime accessories for pulling along toys and simply just having fun!

Our range of wooden pull along toys is 100% eco-friendly and make for perfect pull toys. Each toy is designed with little ones’ comfort in mind and is easy to manoeuvre during each play session.

We know that little ones love real-life play, which is why our range includes fun sets such as push along ice cream cart toys and a fun shopping trolley to load “shopping items” in.

Our pull along toys include fun toy box walkers that can help keep your home neat and tidy too – especially if toy tend to “travel” to the living room, kitchen or garden!

Why buy push along toys for kids?

Push along toys allow your children to both play with toys and carry them along with them wherever they go.

Durable and adorable, push along toys provide a sense of comfort to your kids as they explore new places, knowing that their familiar pull-along friend is there with them every step of the way.

As a constant way to develop fine motor skills, such as grip strength, push along toys are a fantastic choice, and will improve your child’s ability to handle many objects of different sizes.


How much do push along toys cost?

Our push along toys range from the affordable to the expensive.

At the cheaper end of the spectrum, you can buy toys like this Rainbow Alligator for $39.95, or this Happy Puppy for $44.95. Both of these toys may likely become wonderful friends to your kids, and they may very well cherish them as a member of the family.

One of our most affordable pull along toys is this Calm and Breezy Wooden Unicorn Car, which you can take home for $20.95. Most of our more expensive push along toys are walkers, like this Kinderfeets Cargo Walker in white, at $179.95.

You will also spend over $100 for other imaginative push along toys, like this Honeybake Shopping Trolley.


What are the different types of push along toys?

There are many different types of push along toys. You can buy pull along toys, pull along carts, push and pull toys and those specifically made with wooden structures.

Have a think about your child’s favourite animals or their favourite colours, and this will likely be the best guide of your decision. While you’re at it, take a look at our collection of other outdoorsy equipment, like our collection of kids scooters, try bikes, balance bikes and balance boards.


What are the benefits of Push along toys ?

Our range of push pull toys offer wonderful opportunities for little ones to strengthen their gross motor skills.

Whether they push or pull a colourful unicorn or play with their wooden pull along toys, they will get a little workout each time that does wonders for little muscles!

What sets our wooden pull along toys apart from others, is that they are amazingly interchangeable and can be adapted as your child grows, changing up from beginner toys to real-life playtime fun and even pretty décor for rooms.

Where can I buy Pull and Push Toys ?

Our pull along toys are designed with child-friendly materials and non-toxic paints, making them high-quality investments for parents that want to get their children wonderful play equipment that is good for their fitness and health too!

Browse our range of wooden pull along toys today and be sure to contact us via phone or instore if you have a specific question about our pull toys.