Kids Aprons

Unleash culinary creativity with our charming selection of kids' aprons and explore the joy of cooking alongside your little one as they grow more intrigued by the kitchen. Explore our range of parent and toddler aprons for a delightful cooking experience with your young chef-in-training.

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What are the benefits of cooking with kids and toddlers?


Cooking is an essential life skill everyone should master, but spending time in the kitchen with your kids goes beyond the benefits of cooking skills. Getting involved in the kitchen can also help grow their social, mental and physical development, too! One of the best ways for kids to learn is through experience and there are lots of things to learn in the kitchen. Your child can gain experience reading through the recipe, measuring ingredients and taking on active tasks like blending or mixing. Plus, your toddler can explore different foods and recipes in the kitchen you can teach them what is considered a “healthy” food and what isn’t, so they can make better choices about their diet as they grow. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What designs can I buy Toddler Aprons in? Our children’s apron sets come in a huge range of colours and designs to suit your little one’s unique sense of style.

For the pink-lover in your family, our Flamingo Toddler Apron will ruffle their feathers and encourage them to step into the kitchen. Complete with an apron, arm cuffs and a tea towel, your child will be ready to take on any recipe you throw at them. For something a little more subdued and professional, your child might like our Brown Checkered Toddler Apron! Channelling the legendary Jamie Oliver, your toddler will love rocking this apron in the kitchen and calling the shots with mum or dad as their sous chef! Looking for a modern look for your budding chef? Our fun Geometric Triangle Apron features pinks, purples, blues and pastels, making it the perfect little apron, arm cuff and tea towel set for your toddler. Pick up a kids apron set for the tiniest chef in the kitchen from My Happy Helpers!

Do I need to buy a kids apron? Cooking is one of the messier learning activities.

With this in mind, we’ve stocked up on adorable toddler aprons to help make clean-up a little easier. Our miniature-sized aprons will protect your child’s clothing from spills and mess, so you can both focus on having fun in the kitchen. Available in a variety of cute patterns and designs, you and your toddler can match aprons and get cooking!