Kids Cooking Aprons

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Make a big, fun mess in the kitchen with our children’s aprons and kids tea towels

Probably one of the most enjoyable learning activities for budding young chefs is to help mum and dad out in the kitchen. Of course they want to get in on the action – creating delicious meals is a lot of fun too!

So, help them look the part and foster their love of the kitchen with a My Happy Helpers adjustable apron, perfectly sized for little bodies. These are a wonderful gift for budding young bakers and are designed to help children feel like they are a significant part of the preparation process. These adorable aprons will help to protect your little ones clothes from spills and messes, so that together you can focus on having fun.

Cooking together not only creates treasure family time memories: it increases your child’s attention span too. Read out the ingredients as you measure them, and if your child is old enough, hand them the measuring cup to pour into a mixing bowl. Make it a fun teaching activity: Explain to them what each ingredient does, from baking soda to flavouring. Watch their delight and sense of accomplishment when a perfect recipe is the end result of cooking with you.... but here's a tip! 

Get them a kids' cooking apron!

They not only look the part but also save you the stress of trying to get that suspiciously pink stain off their clothes later.

What's more? Getting them into a children's apron might even feed their love of cooking. Junior chef anyone?

Looking for a "mini me" design? Have a look at our Adult Aprons in the same beautiful prints.

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