Play, Create & Discover with our range of Montessori, Steiner & Waldorf toys

We provide innovative, safe and affordable products that encourage your children to play, create and discover the world in which they live.

Our products are designed and tested right here in Australia, and we pride ourselves on our customer service and attention to detail.

Stylish & Safe Learning Towers

Our beautiful, slimline Learning Towers are specifically designed to enhance your child's search for independence.  Stand back and watch as your child learns to climb up and wash their own hands. Or take delight in being able to safely cook with your toddler standing happily beside you.


Our towers arrive pre sealed, meaning no sanding, painting or varnishing required. They're easy to assemble and light enough to move around the home meaning you can use them in the kitchen, the bathroom or even out in the garden.

Worried about your toddler slipping from a stool or chair? We’ve got you covered - our towers are safety tested to AU/NZ Safety Standards. 

It’s our job to focus on the details, so that you can focus on quality time with your family.

Montessori Inspired Learning Resources

Our Montessori inspired range makes it easy to support your child using self directed activities, hands on learning and collaborative play opportunities. We have sourced the best collection of products to help you easily combine the traditional Montessori Approach, with your modern day lifestyle.

Steiner and Waldorf Inspired Play

Steiner and Waldorf Inspired Play

Our Steiner / Waldorf inspired range takes the complexity out of the environment and simply encourages you to play, create and discover the beautiful world as your child sees it. Let us help you to create a magical, interactive and supportive home environment that allows and encourages your child to become the very best versions of themselves. 

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What are the Honey & Mumford learning styles for toddlers?

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Guest Blog by Kristy Nicola
Kristy is the face of the Website and Instagram @today.our.children 

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