Wooden Toys for 5yr Olds

We have the best range of Wooden Toys for 5 year Olds

At 5-years-old, play is important — pretend play is becoming more complex with lots of fantasy and drama, as well as working together with friends to achieve a particular goal. Plus, at this age, kids can concentrate for longer periods of time and recognise simple concepts like seasons, today, tomorrow and yesterday. 


With this in mind, it’s important to keep up with their learning milestones with new toys and activities. At My Happy Helpers, we stock an incredible range of wooden toys for 5-year-olds to help them flex their imaginative muscles and challenge them each and every day.

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Inspire creative play with our range of wooden toys for 5-year-olds

Research shows that plastic toys are over-stimulating for kids — with all the flashing lights, loud noises, screens and unnatural colours, plastic toys eliminate the opportunity for children to use their imagination. Wooden toys, on the other hand, are open-ended. Children can make what they want of them — for example, a set of wooden blocks can be used to build enormous towers, cities, towns and castles.

What are the benefits of wooden toys for 5-year-olds?

Simply add a simple wooden dolls and the opportunities are endless. Plus, there’s a sense of achievement in building up the blocks and a thrill from knocking them down at the end of the day.

Wooden toys for 5-year-olds are a wonderful choice for parents looking to spark their kids’ imaginations! Browse through our collection of puzzles, wooden blocks, trikes, bikes and so much more!

Are wooden toys for 5 year olds expensive?

Wooden toys for 5-year-olds don’t have to cost an arm and a leg — in fact, we have a massive range of toys under $50! To encourage creativity, we have Sweet Modelling Dough that can be used to make little dough men and animals, or just to roll around in your hands. At just $14.95, our modelling dough will keep your little one entertained for hours on end.

If your 5-year-old is interested in music, we also have instruments to encourage their musical skills. For example, we have a cute Coconut Maraca for just $8.99 that can teach them how to stick to the beat or a Wooden Bird Whistle that’s super easy to pick up and play.

We also have larger, more complex toys in the $300 to $400 range like our Freight Train Set with two trains pulling fruits and veggies as well as industrial wagons, houses, cars, scenery, workers and town folk. It’s a complete town setting for your little one to explore — who knows what’s happening in town today?

Just remember that we have flexible payment options like Afterpay so you can splash out and treat your 5-year-old to some amazing toys! Your little one can play now and you can pay later — it’s never been easier to go toy shopping online.

Our gift guide for 5-year-olds

Shopping for the 5-year-old in your life can be a real challenge — especially for the lucky boy or girl who has everything! Luckily, we’ve got hundreds of wooden toys for 5-year-olds that are sure to “wow” the child in your life!


We’ve put together a mini gift guide to make gift shopping simpler.


  • Balance Boards are perfect for kids who love a challenge. Made from sustainable beechwood, your 5-year-old can use a Balance Board for almost anything — balance on it, rock it, push it, spin it, flip it and slide down it — anything! Available in a huge range of colours, you can find a Balance Board in their favourite colour.

  • If your little one is becoming more and more interested in music, we have loads of musical instruments to encourage them! Our Bamboo Marimba is ideal for building hand-eye coordination and motor skills, while also getting into some percussion. Alternatively, we’ve also got Mini Pianos in Black and Red with 18 keys for them to play with and learn.

  • In love with all things with wheels and a motor? We’ve got plenty of wooden vehicles to race around the living room! Our Fire Engine Set features a bright red fire engine with firefighters, an extendable ladder and loads of accessories, or we’ve also got a Wooden Cattle Truck with lots of cows!

  • For the little creative soul in your life, we recommend the 4-in-1 Table Easel featuring a blackboard, whiteboard, magnetic board and a perspex board, all wrapped up with a stationary tray. Your child can spend hours drawing in lots of different colours, whether they’re using chalk or textas.

  • If your little one likes pretend-play, they’ll LOVE our Wooden Doctor’s Set! Complete with a stethoscope, a blood pressure monitor, vaccinations and a doctor’s bag, your 5-year-old can provide medical care for the whole family. Alternatively, we also have adorable cooking sets like the Honeybake Mixer Set. Featuring a wooden rolling pin, bags of flour and sugar, eggs and a thermomixer, they can pretend to make cupcakes, cookies and so much more.

As you can see, we’ve got a huge variety of wooden toys for 5-year-olds! Browse through our collection — we can almost guarantee you’ll find something fun and educational that your 5-year-old will love.

Shop an incredible range of wooden toys for 5-year-olds online!

My Happy Helpers is one of the leading suppliers of wooden toys for 5-year-olds in Australia — we’ve got hundreds of fun, entertaining and educational toys to choose from! Shop the range online for fast and affordable shipping as well as free shipping on orders over $199.

Plus, we offer flexible payment methods like Afterpay so your little one can play now and you can pay later!