Baby Rattle Toys

Baby rattles are a truly iconic baby toy and as a way of grabbing your attention, or producing the very first, elementary sounds in their lives, baby rattles are a must-have for any baby toy collection. Whether you’re looking for wooden baby rattles, maracas, handbells, or plush rattles inside furry toys, My Happy Helpers offers an enormous selection of baby rattles, and you’re unlikely to find better deals in Australia.  Give your kids a headstart on their musical journey with our baby rattles, and see the smiles light up their faces!

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Why buy baby rattles for kids?

Born learners, your children will naturally explore patterns of rhythm, sound and music from a young age, and baby rattles are one of the best ways to help them associate their movements with the soundwaves they produce. To develop fine motor skills and an appreciation of music, you can’t look past baby rattles. At My Happy Helpers, we offer not only baby rattles, but a range of noise-making toys, so your child can experiment and have fun with many different sounds of their choosing.

How much do baby rattles cost?

Baby rattles are generally not expensive. You can buy a Wooden Handbell from My Happy Helpers for just $9.95, or a Wooden Egg Shaker for just $8.95. Similarly, this Mac Quack Duck Rattle costs only $19.95, giving your child a noisy friend at a very affordable price. Those looking for more expensive baby rattle options can take a look at these Sensory Sound Blocks from Goki, which offer a unique auditory experience for your child. Alternatively, check out these adorable Koala Buddies.

What are the different types of baby rattles?

Whether you’re looking for maracas, hand bells, hand clusters, egg shakers, sound blocks or wooden beads, there’s a baby rattle for your child. At My Happy Helpers, we offer all sorts of music-making toys for babies, and many of our products offer a chic wooden design your baby will love against their soft hands. Alternatively, take a look at our selection of plush toys with in-built speaking and noise-making capacity, which will startle and amaze your child to no end. Shop through musical instruments, baby noise instruments, fine motor skills toys and toys specifically made for toddlers, and see what you fancy! 

What are some similar products to baby rattles?