Baby Activity Toys

Shop a treasure trove of baby activity toys and activity toys for toddlers!  My Happy Helpers have some wonderful baby activity toys for your youngest to learn about shapes, colours and how things fit into the world. Giving your babies toys that are educational and inspirational that will enhance their childhood, increase their absorption of knowledge and help them understand the world around them so much more. View our range, find something fun and colourful and gift it to your baby today.

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What are the benefits of activity toys for babies?

Our colourful range of baby activity toys and activity toys for toddlers will without a doubt surprise and delight your little ones! With various options to choose from, you are sure to find what you are looking for! My Happy Helpers’ little activity centres and boxes make for wonderful activity toys, while sensory toys such as our sensory ball and wooden roller are exceptional baby activity toys. It’s never too early to begin encouraging play in your children, and My Happy Helpers has all the baby activity toys your little one could ever need. More than just a distraction to keep them occupied, the right toys will help stimulate your baby’s development and help them harness their fine motor skills. 

Are baby activity toys expensive?

Baby activity toys are not expensive. You could consider them an investment into your child’s mental development, giving them a head start into education. You can consider the time spent filling their world with sights and sounds is worth the coin you spend. The smiles on their faces and the squalls of joy as they bounce around on their giraffe, reach and grab and swing with their own baby gym or play with the dials and shooting starts, ring that bell and so much more, while learning to walk with their activity walker, is priceless. When you weigh up the benefits of providing your child with various stimulating toys, you realise that baby activity toys are not expensive. However, we do have some particularly affordable items for those on a budget. You can find essential baby toys like a wooden roller, shape sorting box, wooden blocks and discs all for under $20. On the more grand scale, you can find activity walkers that will get your baby moving their body while they learn for $159.95.

What are the different types of baby activity toys?

My Happy Helpers has a massive range of toys and activities for your baby to play with and to learn with. Where do we start? A shape sorting box shows them colours and shapes and how they fit together. There is a bead maze, with different coloured wooden beads to thread around from one end to the other or even a whale Petilou Activity Table, with a xylophone, cogs and gears to turn. So much to stimulate and educate your youngest! My Happy Helpers loves all the toys we have for the youngest in our lives.

What are the best baby activity toys?

One of the best things about our range of activity toys for babies is the wide variety they offer. We provide toys that are as fun to play with as they are educational, like the multi-activity car which will teach babies about shapes and colours while allowing their imagination to run wild. If you’re keen for your little one to enjoy some outdoor play, then a sand and water table will stimulate their senses and allow them to make a mess. You can even encourage your little one’s sense of fun by introducing them to rudimentary games like punch and drop or hammer pegs.

What are some similar products to baby activity toys?

Where can I buy Baby Activity Toys?

With so much variety to choose from, you are sure to find an activity toy set that your baby or toddler will love to play with. Shop our range today, and feel free to contact us if you would like more information or advice on which activity toys would be best for your little ones. We look forward to hearing from you!