Jellystone Designs

Jellystone Designs

The team behind Jellystone are the experts in toys and teething products for your little ones.

Whether you’re in the market for items to simply keep your bub occupied or products to make teething that little less painful, consider Jellystone your new go-to. From teethers in both cute and practical designs to comforting soft toys like a bunny, find the right toy for your child by checking out our online range today.

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Why buy Jellystone Designs for kids?


Jellystone Designs sets itself apart from a crowd given its products are the perfect combination of aesthetically pleasing and safe.

Made from non-toxic silicone, you can be assured that your bub is protected while being supported in their sensory development. Jellystone products are also incredibly durable and strong, made to withstand bites from even the sharpest little chompers.


Are Jellystone designs expensive?

Our range of Jellystone toys is as affordable as it is practical. In fact, there is less than $30 difference between the most and least affordable products available at My Happy Helpers.

You can pick up a stylish yet sensible Dummy Clip for $14.95 or a Fidget Ball at the price of $16.95. Meanwhile, Jellystone’s Triblox triangle blocks, made from toxic-free silicone, will only set you back a mere $39.95.


What are the different types of Jellystone Designs?

Jellystone Designs generally tend to stick to what they know best, which is non-toxic teethers and baby toys. The range available at My Happy Helpers includes single teethers, like this bunny-themed piece, as well as more complex items like this Rainbow Stacker and Teether Toy.

Meanwhile, you’ll also find innovative items like this DIY Calm Down Bottle, which allows you to create your child’s ultimate personalised sensory toy.