Tiger Tribe

Experience the magic of Tiger Tribe products, where imagination comes to life. From captivating activity sets to portable playbooks, our collection offers endless entertainment for kids on the go. Discover creativity, learning, and adventure with Tiger Tribe today!

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What makes the Tiger Tribe Range so special?


The Tiger Tribe range stands out for its unique blend of creativity, portability, and educational value. With thoughtfully designed activity sets, craft kits, and playbooks, Tiger Tribe products inspire imaginative play and foster learning on the go. Each item is crafted with quality materials and engaging designs, making them perfect companions for kids' adventures and exploration.

Frequently Asked Questions

Unleash Imagination Anywhere with Tiger Tribe Boxsets Your little one will carry fairy tales with them wherever they go with our collection of Tiger Tribe Boxsets. These creative activity sets are specially designed with nifty compartments to keep stationery and artwork safe.

Creative little ones will adore our cute and friendly unicorn Handimal finger puppets. With flexible vinyl pieces perfectly sized for small hands, they can create an instant unicorn and watch it prance around on their fingers.

Discover On-the-Go Fun with Tiger Tribe

Parents, are you ready to discover the perfect on-the-go toy range for your little ones? Introducing Tiger Tribe, a beautiful selection of playsets designed to be portable and easy to pop into mum’s handbag or a backpack.

Colourful Doodles and Playful Stories

Little princesses and tigers will delight in our Oodle Doodles crayon sets. Packed with stackable crayons, stickers, and colorful doodles, these sets keep children happy on-the-go as they color in, create beautiful stories, and improve their pencil grip.