Tiger Tribe

Play at home or on the move with the Tiger Tribe magna carry books. Also available in boxsets!

Tiger Tribe is an Australian team that design toys and art supplies for bright-eyed children. You can gift your kids some brightly coloured bathtime crayons, animal crayons, colouring playbooks and so much more.


Giving your kids the joy of bright colours and the chance to draw and play with crayons is wonderful. No need to colour within the lines, just discover art and the joy it can bring.

You can bring joy to their reading with Handimal-T-Rex! RAAAAAAAR!

Tiger Tribe brings colour and life to your children’s Christmas day. Click through and add to your cart now.

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Your little one will carry fairy tales with them wherever they go with out collection of Tiger Tribe Boxsets

The packaging for these creative activity set has been specially designed with nifty compartments to keep stationery and artwork safe.

Creative little ones will love the cute and friendly unicorn handimal finger puppets – there are just so many opportunities for creative play with this toy!

They can create an instant unicorn with the four legs and a unicorn head made from flexible vinyl and sized perfectly for small hands. Let them pop the puppet pieces onto each finger and watch as their unicorn starts prancing around!


Parents, are you ready to discover the perfect on-the-go toy range for your little ones? Introducing Tiger Tribe, a beautiful selection of playsets designed to be portable and easy to pop into mum’s handbag or a backpack!

Whether your child enjoys doodling, drawing or imaginative play, they will love this range of colourful designs and play opportunities. Each item in the Tiger Tribe range is curated and illustrated in Australia by the Tiger Tribe team and packaged with the utmost care to ensure every little piece is kept together.

Little princesses and tigers will love the Oodle Doodles crayon sets. They are packed with oodles of colourful doodles, stackable crayons and stickers designed to keep children happy on-the-go as they colour in, create beautiful stories and improve their pencil grip.

Why buy tiger tribe for kids?

The quality the Tiger Tribe team put into all their work is exceptional. They really understand children and how to get their creative minds working overtime. Engage the imagination and have some fun at the same time.

The range of toys and puzzles to engage the minds of your youngsters is great. We have a cute koala with a rattle to engage your baby’s hearing and sense of direction. We have moveable playbooks for repeated learning and fun, with dino island, fairy kingdom or an African safari!

Tiger Tribe and My Happy Helpers can give your children toys that will be played with again and again, and not just abandoned when the batteries expire. They will grow their curious little minds and grow their coordination and gross coordination skills.


More than just a toy.

Are tiger tribe expensive?

You would be pleasantly surprised by the value you will get when buying a Tiger Tribe toy for your youngans.



The movable playbooks for less than $20. Bath toys for under $20 as well. Craft books for just over $10. Crayons and other colourful things for just as low a price.


And what is so great about these prices, is the amount of fun your kids are going to get. It’s what you want in a toy, hours of fun and entertainment, combined with your kids learning something about the world and themselves.

What are the different types of tiger tribe?

Bath toys! We have some awesome  Tiger Tribe bath toys, such as the Bath Rocket, or the Dunk Time bath basketball set. And we have bath crayons! Your kids can draw on any flat surface, create art on the tiles of your bathroom, and it washes off with a damp cloth, which is actually included in the box.

Your young ones can become great artists, with a Fairy Garden Magic Painting, or a painting about Things that Go, like cars and trucks and planes.

For some fun in the car, we have Magna Carry. double-sided playmats with magnetic pieces to move around on a scene. Create your own stories about the Jungle, or the Busy Builders on the construction site, or how about Mermaids under the sea?


So many fantastic toys, books, and puzzles for your youngest to get their minds and imagination into.