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Sail into excitement with our enchanting Toy Boats! Crafted for little captains, these vessels promise endless aquatic adventures. Choose from a fleet of durable, vibrant boats that inspire imaginative play and outdoor fun. Let your child's imagination set sail with our delightful Toy Boats collection today!

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Embark on Adventures: Explore Our Toy Boat Collection


Explore below for a trove of boat toys that guarantee boundless entertainment for your little one. From sleek sailboats to powerful speedboats, our collection offers diverse options for every aspiring captain. These water-friendly companions not only spark imaginative play but also promote motor skills development. Dive in and let the maritime adventures begin!

Frequently Asked Questions

Make bathtime a nautical adventure with our wooden boat toys!

If your little one hates bathtime, you can make the experience more fun and adventurous with wooden boat toys.

Rather than getting in the bath for a wash, you can encourage your child to brace the seven seas and explore the great unknown on a wooden toy boat!They can command their crew, fight the sea monsters in the bath and become the king/queen of the sea. There’s no limit to their imaginary adventures!

Our kids toy boats are perfect for bathtime, as well as nautical children who want to see their ships sail across the carpet. Made from 100% sustainable materials, our wooden toy boats will float wonderfully across the water — or the fluffy carpet ahead.

Shop wooden pirate boat toys online with My Happy Helpers!

Add more nautical toys to your little one’s collection

If your little one can’t get enough of their toy boat, consider adding more nautical themed toys to their collection!

We have a huge range of adorable toys to choose from, like our Pirate Playset in a Tin Case. Featuring a pirate hat, a bag of gold coins, a compass, a wooden sword and a map, your child can embrace the pirate theme and run around the house or backyard plundering for booty.

Plus, the cute little tin can be used as a lunchbox for preschool, so they can take pirates with them wherever they go. Does your tiny pirate need a bigger ship for their crew? Make sure to check out our Wooden Pirate Ship complete with sails, a mast and two little crewmen to take care of the ship. 100% handmade from Acacia and Lychee wood, this pirate ship is built to last.

Your child can also get creative and make their own pirate landscape using our Felt Creations. Perfect for imaginative play, your toddler can create their own fantasy stories and help their felt pirates dig up some treasure. With a felt board, accessories and all their favourite pirate friends, the adventures are limitless (and hopefully the treasure is, too).

If it’s the sea your child is enamored with, take a look at our ocean-themed puzzles, toys and activities! Yout child can become an artist with our Magic Painting Worlds — just fill the magic paintbrush with water and reveal the gorgeous illustrations with every brushstroke. Our ocean world features coral, tropical fish, crabs and a colourful little diver who is exploring the sea floor.

Alternatively, challenge your child with our 36-Piece Puzzle of Ocean Animals. As they work through the puzzle, they’ll discover all sorts of marine life like whales, octopi, fish and so much more. Once the puzzle is done, your little one can sail their wooden boat across the surface and have their crew dive in to say hello to the sea life beneath the water.

Explore our nautical toys via the search bar at the top of the page. We have plenty of pirate ships, seascapes and nautical themed toys to choose from.