Sorting Toys

Looking for the best Sorting Toys for kids ?

Looking for the perfect toy to help improve your children’s problem-solving skills and independent thinking?

Look no further than a shape sorter toy. Whether you’re shopping for a baby or older child, shape sorting toys are the perfect mix of fun and intellectual stimulation. Given that counting and recognising shapes are essential skills for school, there’s no reason not to start teaching your children about these fundamentals from the get-go.

From basic puzzles to the more advanced, we’ve got products to suit every stage of a child’s development.  So, check out our extensive range today and find the perfect shape sorting toy for your child.

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Why buy a shape sorter toy for kids?


There really is nothing better to teach your child about important principles like shapes and geometry than a shape sorter toy. A toy that can keep little ones occupied for hours on end, the repetition of attempting to fit shapes into specific spots or holes will teach your child the value of persistence and patience.

Not only that but allowing your child to independently go through the trial and error process of playing with a shape sorter toy will allow their self-confidence to grow.

How much does a shape sorter toy cost?

Our wide variety of shape sorter toys ranges from the more affordable to the more extravagant. On the lower end of the scale, we have products like nesting eggs ($12.95)  and simple shape puzzles ($21.95), which will more than satisfy your child’s developmental needs. Meanwhile, we offer a sophisticated range of sorters toys, including highly-stimulating rainbow globes ($99.95) and 3D sorting and nesting boards. ($69.95).

The prices of these products are based on the intricacy of the design and the quality of the materials they are made from.


What are the different types of a shape sorter toy?

You can buy all sorts of shape sorter toys at My Happy Helpers.

More than just a simple puzzle, these toys come in a huge range of shapes and sizes, from a sorting box to cups, and even a truck. Hey, if you thought that was fun, we even sell shape sorter toys that double as UFOs and xylophones.