Wooden Toy Vehicles

Toy Vehicles for Little and Big Kids alike. If it's toy vehicles that you're little one loves to play with, then you're in the right place ! We have the largest range of toy vehicles, ranging from classic Wooden Cars, to Garbage Truck Toys and Fire Truck Toys. Drive our cars on the floor, on the tracks and on the mats. There are Toy Vehicles made the perfect size for travelling or larger stacking Vehicles. Shop our full range of Toy Vehicles for Kids today !

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If your little one can’t get enough of toy vehicles, you can treat them to the wide range available online at My Happy Helpers. From wooden car sets to toy trains, boats and rockets, our products will capture your child’s imagination while helping them learn about the world we live in. We’re acutely aware that toy vehicles aren’t just for boys, which is why our items come in a range of colours and styles to appeal to all genders. Check out our full range of toy vehicles for kids online today and find the kids vehicles you’ve been searching for.


Why buy toy vehicles for kids?

Toy vehicles for kids allow their imaginations to run wild both individually and with other children. All of our toy vehicles are just as satisfying to play with in a group as they are alone, encouraging children to develop critical social skills like taking turns and communicating effectively. On top of that, playing with toy vehicles enhances both cognitive and motor skills, like pushing, pulling, grabbing and hand-eye coordination. They also provide a unique opportunity to learn about the basics of engineering, such as weight, gravity and distance judging.


Are toy vehicles expensive/how much do toy vehicles cost?

Our toy vehicles range from budget-friendly to the more extravagant. Both this wooden tractor and air-powered boat are complete bargains at under $10 each, while just as high quality as any other toy. Meanwhile, we also offer a range of complete sets with price points that reflect their intricacy and standard. This magical train set (89.95) is a must for any little fairy lover, while this 130 piece freight train set ($374.95) will keep children occupied for days on end.


What are the different types of toy vehicles?

You can buy a wide variety of toy vehicles for kids at My Happy Helpers. No matter what your child’s special interest may be, we’ve got the solution for you in our range of top quality toys. If trains are your child’s passion, you can check out our wooden train sets, or we have a number of car track sets too. Meanwhile, we don’t just stop at land-based vehicles, as we also sell wooden toy planes and rockets.