Kids Tool & Work Benches

Discover a world of mechanical and woodworking joy with kids’ tool benches from My Happy Helpers. Finely crafted wooden tool benches for little hands to grasp screwdrivers, and wrenches, bang hammers, and more.They can imagine fixing your car, building a house, or a bird feeder. It’s the first step towards other crafty endeavors, and helping you around the home.

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Why buy Wooden Tool Benches for kids?

Wooden tool benches for kids are like craft tables but better! They can craft with their imagination and grab hold of toy tools, hammer at wooden nails, and more. It is their place to go play and take ownership of. As children grow they need a little bit of independence and their own space, and a wooden tool bench can give this. Gripping the tools and learning how they work helps with gross motor functions and mental development as well. These kid’s tool benches engage the mind, get their hands working, hearts pumping and imagination goes into overdrive.

Are Wooden Tool Benches expensive?

The hours of creative play you can give your kids for less than a hundred dollars is immense. You can start with a small workbench for just under $70, or go all the way up to $150 for an awesome tool bench with drills and screwdrivers, hammers and a vice as well. These are such a great way to introduce your kids into the world of working with wood, making things, and fixing things.

What are the different types of Wooden Tool Benches?

You can give your kids a cracking Talking Toolbelt from John Deere, or a construction set they can sit down and work with. We have wooden workbenches they can stand up and work on, a little carpenter’s bench, or a power tools workbench. We even have an activity workbench which is a toddler’s pusher, so they can learn to walk and get into the workshop as well. Browse online for a great gift idea today.

What are some products similar to wooden tool benches?